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    Bubble Wand Macro Bug! ...I think.

    I have setup a macro to use Bubble Wand when ever I cast Power Word Shield. Seemed to work well the first day or so. However, yesterday I seem to get a bug where I couldn't cast any spells at all while doing the Assault of Shattrath daily, wasn't sure what to do and I ended up dying to the mobs I was fighting.

    Then later in the night I was trying to get the Leeroy follower and During the mob clearing I had it happen again. Frantically started spamming and telling my party in chat, I could not cast anything. Eventually got off one Prayer of Healing, but then was bugged out again immediately after. A /console reloadui (x2) did not fix it. Re logged, as advised by the party, only to comeback to a wipe and being raged at. I got kicked and when I loaded in the Garrison all seemed well.

    I could still move and I could still chat, but I could not use any keybinds for casting any of my spells.

    I did find another guy saying he had the same problem using a similar macro and removing it solved it for him. I am going to remove it when I get home and report back. Just very weird it was working fine, then started acting up.

    Any one know how to still enjoy this type of macro?

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    So thats whats been causing it!

    sorry to necro but ive been facing this as well. Bloody hell. ive had it macroed onto my envenom

    i also suspect that it stops melee auto-strikes during the animation

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    Y'all should make sure this is reported with the in-game bug report tool and/or a post to the Blizzard bug report forums. They watch these forums a bit, but really, those are the official path for getting this known, and fixed, by the devs.

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