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    Resto druids during S6/ S7 (don't know about S8) in WotLK. Oh the nightmares

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    Athene in bc and wrath, best paladin healer in the world for real at that time

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    cata assassi rogues with resilience + % dmg reduction in their talents and recuperate.

    j/k, i found that disc priests in wod were pretty unstoppable if you were alone.

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    In MoP as a Mistweaver I felt unkillable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    Most unkillable?
    Well 70 twinks during mop could reach 100% resilience.
    Immortal to anything but fall damage/ npcs. Could still cc em just fine, but rather pointless.
    Kinda broke the bracket.
    I think it was during Wrath -> Cata, with the changes to resilience level 80 characters were very broken, especially healers. Between the usually broken period of time when they introduce the new talents but before the new level cap my holy priest could happily carry a flag in wsg with an entire team attacking me without dying. This was not just priests though, druids / paladins i think most healers were immortal during this period.

    Even with the new level cap and gear at the start of cata one of my level 80 alts, a holy priest, could happily dual level 85 characters without fear of dying.

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    Burning Crusade's Druid

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    Holy Paladin.
    Take 100 mages casting fireball, versus one Divine Shield. I don't think another healer could deal with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razion View Post
    Holy Paladin.
    Take 100 mages casting fireball, versus one Divine Shield. I don't think another healer could deal with that.
    Ah yes, with this logic Rogues are the most unkillable healers. Stealth, and a billion players can't kill you because you're invisible.

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    Restodruid has been the most consistent one by far. Shapeshifting out of snares and slows + hots have always been their thing. Pallies have always been vulnerable outside of bubble, shaman and priest both always been squishy due to lack of mobility.

    This isn't to say that there haven't been excellent healers of all the speccs throughout the expansions, but druids have consistently been a pain for just about any dps to hunt down. Least likely healer to get focused in high end arena across the board.

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    I'd say Resto Druids - The Burning Crusade / Wrath of the Lich King.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knslyr View Post
    I think Burning Crusade Resto druids takes the prize. Hard to catch up with them and when you do they still got those super hots.
    ^This right here. Fuck druid/warrior 2v2 back in BC. Paladin/Warrior was pretty cancer too.
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    in a battleground setting? probably pre-cata holy pala when holy power was added, 5 of us nuking an oom holy pala, and he just spams instants using holy power, no cast time no mana just free holy power.

    such good game design, must be hard to smash your face into instant free spells 24/7, skill level required is being able to find a fucking keyboard.
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    BC Resto Druids 100%

    If you don't think so it's more than likely you never played competitive PvP back then.
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    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    this thread should of had a poll. enough said

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    BC Druids paired up with Warriors. Cancer. Druid would put 11 points in the Feral tree to get Feral Charge. The memories ugh.

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    As far as having somewhat parity in ilvl, probably TBC era resto Druids.

    But, honestly, any healers that were around in in Classic WoW and were in an top notch raid guild. If you stepped into a BG way back when in full T3 with a Naxx quality weapon and off hand you were neigh unkillable unless 3-4 DPS were literally sitting on you and you were just standing still and attempting to hard cast. Everyone else was in a mix of dungeon blues, maybe their T2 helm from Ony and a smattering of T1 from Molten Core. You easily had triple? Maybe quadruple the power of those other characters and could easily out heal all their DPS with HoTs as a resto/balance druid, you could also kill them fairly easily with just rolling moonfire. I distinctly recall several times taking on 3-4 at a time, holding a flag for what seemed an eternity in AB way back in late Classic and coming out the winner having killed the whole other squad.
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