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    Lolwut... tempo decks rely on getting board presence early and keeping it through efficient trades, continuously maintaining presence and winning with value. The old Spiteful Priest was a midrange deck. Elemental Mage is a midrange deck. Spell Hunter is not - it stalls early with traps and shots and most of its power lies in the turn 10 Zuljin boardclear + refill, and infinite late value from DK Rexxar.

    Also, you don't even SEE the meta at Rank 20, plus Spell Hunter is an expensive deck so it wouldn't be as prolific in the newbie ranks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lollermittens View Post
    Spell Hunter is not a control deck. It's a spell-based mid-range deck since everything plays on curve pretty damn well. We'll agree to disagree.

    Also, hsreplay.net is not a good representation of the players who play on mobile since the add-on can't be used on phones.

    I deranked all the way to 20 since I haven't played in a few months and the 10 or so games I played yesterday, I didn't match up against one Spell Hunter.

    I'm not really sure why players like you who are all about slow, boring, contrived control metas think that everyone likes control metas better.
    Lmao. HS Replay tracks hundreds of thousands of games daily. With numbers that high, you don't need to see mobile data. Do you even know how statistics work?

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    I'm strictly discussing games played by casual players who obviously play on mobile instead of PC and aren't using third-party add-ons to either track their cards or games. That mobile data isn't tracked by anyone but Blizzard as far as we know it.

    Moreover, Aggro and midrange decks are way easier to learn, play, build than control decks. That's just a fact and undeniable.

    And, yes, I know how statistics work. Just because hsreplay captures a subset of data in a completely uncontrolled manner (especially since it doesn't include the majority of mobile players which is the preferred way of playing the game in the first place), the site does not represent an accurate representation of the entire population of HS in any way or form. If your data is displayed on hsreplay.net, you are not representative of the majority of the playerbase and creating statistics based off such data is skewed and biased, as stated by Blizzard numerous times when people kept trying to claim that Jade Druid (during the release of UI and unnerfed SP) and other dominant decks during the Arthas meta were representative of the entirety of the ladder by using data pulled from hsreplay to make their point.

    And what was Blizzard's response during the shitstorm? That their data showed completely different results and that fucking Midrange Hunter was actually the most played deck overall at the time of Jade Druid's dominance.

    Seems like you're the one who has no idea how real statistical analyses work by thinking that hsreplay is an accurate representation of the very diversified HS player base that has access to the game on three different platforms.
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    Wow new expansion, new cards, new possibilities...

    I just met 3 druids in a row that played decks with many taunts while getting a lot of armor...so exciting!So new!So inovative!

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