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    [WoD] - Protection Paladin Guide


    And so, because Merin and the others are lazy bastards (and because I am rather susceptible to internet peer pressure), it falls to I, Solaïre, to make this expansion’s long delayed do-it-all Protection Paladin thread. All credit for the ingenious formatting goes to the former, as I have shamelessly lifted it from the MoP edition of the thread.

    I’m really a rather poor choice in terms of writing this thread - we’d all be much better served if Slootbag, Fraggoji, Theck, or any number of the other big names in the community wrote it, but as I think we all know at this point only the latter tends to involve himself to any degree with the MMO-C community (and that’s your goddamn fault, Lazel!), so you suckers are stuck with my sorry ass.

    About: This thread is multipurpose! It is both a guide and also a question and answer/ask here for help thread! Please feel free to ask for help or a question about the spec, just make sure you post your armory link and preferably some goddamn logs so we can help faster!

    Key to the thread - hit ctrl + f and type in the code to get to the section you desire!

    a1 = Acronyms

    h1 = Passives from Protection Specialization

    f1 = level 15 talents
    f2 = level 30 talents
    f3 = level 45 talents
    f4 = level 60 talents
    f5 = level 75 talents
    f6 = level 90 talents
    f7 = level 100 talents

    All links to talents are summaries of the 3 options.

    g1 = minor glyphs
    g2 = major glyphs

    p1 = Rotation
    p2 = Advanced Rotational Concepts

    k1 = Suggested specs and glyphs

    z1 = Stat priority, gemming, enchanting, consumables
    x1 = WeakAuras

    v1 = Changelog

    (a1) Acronyms

    A lot of acronyms will be used in this thread as the latest few pages are always worth a read and will have some discussion in them. I might also use them in this guide sometimes so it's best to familiarise yourself with some of them, although most of them are easy to pick up in context.

    AS = Avengers Shield
    AW = Avenging Wrath
    Cons = Consecration
    CS = Crusader Strike
    GC = Grand Crusader
    HoJ = Hammer of Justice (FoJ = Fist of Justice)
    HoTR = Hammer of the Righteous
    HoW = Hammer of Wrath
    HW = Holy Wrath
    J or Judge = Judgement
    Rep = Repentance
    SoTR = Shield of the Righteous
    WoG = Word of Glory

    AD = Ardent Defender
    DP = Divine Purpose
    DivProt = Divine Protection
    DS = Divine Shield
    GoaK = Guardian of Ancient Kings
    HA = Holy Avenger
    LAotL = Long Arm of the Law
    LoH = Lay on Hands

    HoF = Hand of Freedom
    HoP = Hand of Protection
    HoS = Hand of Sacrifice


    (h1) Passives from Protection Specialization

    Avengers Shield - Hurls your shield at an enemy target, dealing holy damage, silencing and interrupting spell casting for 3 seconds and then jumping to nearby additional enemies. Affects 5 targets at lvl 100 due to the “Improved Avenger’s Shield” perk.

    Guarded by the Light - Increases your total stamina by 15% and your block chance by 5%. Reduces the chance you will be critically hit my melee attacks by 6%. Word of Glory is no longer on the global cooldown. Your spellpower is now equal to 100% of your attack power, and you no longer benefit from other sources of Spellpower. Grants 15% of maximum mana every 5 seconds.

    Resolve - Increases your healing and absorption done to yourself, based on Stamina, and damage taken (before avoidance and mitigation) in the last ten seconds

    Hammer of the Righteous - Hammer the current target for 42% Physical Damage, causing a wave of light that hits all targets for 24% Holy damage. Generates one charge of holy power.

    Holy Wrath - Sends bolts of holy power in all directions causing 192% of spellpower Holy damage divided amongst all targets within 10 yards, stunning demons and undead for 3 seconds.

    Judgments of the Wise - Judgment now grants a charge of holy power.

    Consecration - Consecrate the ground beneath you, causing ((13.2% of attack power) * 9) Holy damage to all targets standing in the area. Affected by Improved Consecration, which increases damage done by Consecration by 50%.

    Shield of the Righteous - Slam the target with your shield, causing 192% of attack power Holy damage and reducing the damage you take for the next 3 seconds by an amount that scales with Mastery from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 80%. Generates a charge of Bastion of Glory
    Bastion of Glory - Increases the strength of your Word of Glory when used to heal yourself, by 10%. Stacks 5 times.

    Grand Crusader - When you dodge or parry a melee attack you have a 30% chance to to refresh the cooldown of Avengers Shield and causes it to generate a charge of Holy Power if used within 6 seconds. Additionally, Crusader Strike also has a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of Avenger’s Shield and cause it to generate a charge of Holy Power when it deals damage.

    Plate Specialization - Whilst wearing only plate armour items, your stamina is increased by 5%.

    Sanctuary - Decreases damage taken by 10%, increases your chance to dodge by 2%, and decreases your chance to be parried by 3%.

    Ardent Defender - Reduces damage taken by 20% for 10 seconds. Whilst active, the next attack which would kill you will instead heal you for 12% of your maximum health.

    Guardian of Ancient Kings - summons a Guardian to protect you for 8 seconds. Reduces all damage taken by 50%.

    Mastery - Divine Bulwark. - Increases the damage reduction of Shield of the Righteous by 6%, adds 6% to Bastion of Glory, and increases your chance to block by 8%. Additionally, increases your attack power by 8%.

    Multistrike – Shining Protector – All heals you receive, including multistrikes, have a chance equal to your multistrike chance to trigger Shining Protector, healing you for 30% of the triggering heal.



    (f1) Pursuit of Justice, Speed of Light, Long Arm of the Law – All three talents fill a niche, with the latter two niches encountered far more often in the context of raiding. Pursuit of Justice is a permanent movement speed increase that goes from 15% baseline to 30% with 3 Holy Power banked, but offers no burst movement speed. SoL offers excellent burst movement speed, but is hampered by its rather excessive CD of 45 seconds, whilst LAotL is great for any fight with constant movement, but requires you to always be able to Judge an enemy when you need said speed increase.

    Generally, Pursuit of Justice will see very little use in raids. Whether or not you should be using SoL or LAotL comes down entirely to the exact nature of the fight in question, and is something that must be left up to your own judgment.

    (f2) Fist of Justice, Repentance, Blinding Light – With Glyph of Blinding Light now being a Holy-only glyph, there is realistically only one real choice in this tier. As a tank, you do not have the luxury of lollygagging around with a cast-time CC, and the blind from creatively named Blinding Light is rarely useful at its very best. I simply cannot remember the last time I specced out of FoJ in PvE.

    (f3) Selfless Healer, Eternal Flame, Sacred Shield – CHOO CHOO CHOO, MOTHERFUCKERS! Do you hear that, lads? That’s the sound of utter and blatant railroading by the Blizzard design team. For Protection Paladins, Selfless Healer and Eternal Flame are about as useful as a shit-flavoured lollipop in WoD, and unless you are the type to actively and personally engage in the hamstringing of your raid’s efforts, you should not ever be specced into anything other than Sacred Shield, which you should keep up 100% of the time.
    Should you, with the current state of talents as of the day of writing, find yourself specced into anything other than Sacred Shield, please submit yourself for summary punishment.

    (f4) Hand of Purity, Unbreakable Spirit, Clemency – While this talent tier looks like you’ve got a lot of choice, realistically, you’re going to take Unbreakable Spirit for damn near every fight. Fully halving the cooldown of Divine Protection (which with the situational Glyph of Divine Protection is simply astoundingly versatile) is invaluable, and there are very few fights that are not already completely trivial where you can seriously afford to pass this up. If the raid needs a paladin with Clemency or Hand of Purity, it needs to find itself a Ret or Holy paladin so you can do your goddamn job in peace. The only fight I can think of where this is not the case is perhaps Mythic Archimonde, where Hand of Purity is so game-breakingly good that even a Protection Paladin will have to strongly consider taking Hand of Purity.

    (f5) Holy Avenger, Sanctified Wrath, Divine Purpose – Sanctified Wrath has undergone a lot of changes since its inception, but in its current state, for Protection, it causes Holy Wrath to do 100% additional damage and generate one charge of Holy Power. Holy Avenger and Divine Purpose are as they have always been; Avenger essentially provides you with another CD, but depending on the fight may come at quite some loss to DPS if you have to hold it for a specific phase. Sanctified Wrath does downright FILTHY execute damage (300k crits #balancedclass) and is completely reliable, whilst Divine Purpose theoretically both results in the smoothest damage intake and highest DPS, but leaves you prone to so-called Diabolus Ex Machina – i.e. not getting a single goddamn proc for an entire fight.

    The thing you’re supposed to take with you from this paragraph is that the talent choices are very close to each other in performance until you acquire the legendary ring and the T18 4-set, and quite frankly your choice of talent is going to depend mostly on nature of fight and personal preference until then. I have very limited enthusiasm for Divine Purpose because I dislike having a significant part of my mitigation hung up on RNG, but it absolutely is a viable choice. Once you acquire the T18 4-set, SW simply eats too many globals that you want to be using on AS, and once you acquire the legendary ring, HA is so far ahead in terms of DPS than any other talent that not using it would be tantamount to folly.

    (f6) Holy Prism, Lights Hammer, Execution Sentence – All three spells are situationally viable, but the ones you will likely be using the most are Holy Prism and Light’s Hammer. Execution Sentence is the strongest talent for single-target bar none, but is outdone by Light’s Hammer in terms of DPS the second you deal with two or more targets. Holy Prism is more of a rotational ability than the others, and due to the very large spellpower coefficient, a self-targeted Prism at high Resolve is effectively equivalent to a LoH. With its 40-yard range, it also has significant utility factor in terms of picking up eventual adds. I generally recommend Holy Prism or Light’s Hammer unless you are absolutely 100% sure you know what you are doing taking Execution Sentence. Once you acquire the T18 4-set, Holy Prism suffers from the same global-eating issue as Sanctified Wrath, and you are almost always better off with LH or ES.

    (f7) Empowered Seals, Seraphim, Holy Shield – In my honest and personal opinion, Empowered Seals is a hopelessly designed talent that will always either be grossly overpowered or uselessly underpowered. In its current state, it can be slated into the latter category, which leaves us with two realistic remaining options. Holy Shield is an excellent passive, offering a 15% increased baseline chance to block, damage scaling with AP returned your attacker(s), and good scaling with mastery. The talent, however, is less ubiquitously strong than it was in Blackrock Foundry, and there are in fact fights quite far into HFC such as Xhul'horac where I am firmly of the opinion that it isn't even the best survivability talent overall.

    The other viable choice at the current junction is Seraphim. Seraphim offers us 750 of every secondary stat for 15 seconds on a 30-second CD at the steep cost of 5 Holy Power. As of writing date it is the strongest talent for almost every fight in terms of both damage smoothness, and especially so in terms of DPS. There absolutely are fights where it is impractical to play during progression due to the bulk HoPo cost, or where Holy Shield simply trivializes a fight mechanic entirely, but I would wager that I have played it for progression with little issue on fully half of the encounters in HFC, including Mythic Mannoroth progression.

    It does, however, come with the very real issue of being an absolute bitch to use correctly for the average player. I cannot state this clearly enough – if you are not an excellent, likely Mythic-caliber player, the chances that you will fuck up Seraphim egregiously are high to say the least. If you do not, after reading the paragraph regarding Seraphim in the rotation section, feel 100% comfortable with the talent, take Holy Shield instead.


    (g1) Minor Glyphs

    Glyph of Bladed Judgement - Your Judgment depicts an Axe or Sword instead of a mace, if you have an Axe or Sword equipped.
    Glyph of Contemplation - Teaches you Contemplation. Allows you a moment of peace as you kneel and contemplate the Light.
    Glyph of Fire of the Heavens - Judgment + Hammer of Wrath criticals call down fire from the sky.
    Glyph of Focused Wrath - Holy Wrath only affects one target.
    Glyph of Righteous Retreat - During Divine Shield, you hearthstone 50% faster.
    Glyph of Seal of Blood - Seal of Truth now uses the Seal of Blood animation.
    Glyph of Winged Vengeance - Avenging Wrath now depicts 4 wings.
    Glyph of Falling Avenger - Avenging Wrath now causes a slow fall.
    Glyph of Luminous Charger - Paladin class mounts now glow with holy light.
    Glyph of the Mounted King - Mounting one of your paladin class mounts now casts Blessing of Kings upon yourself.

    Thoughts on Minor Glyphs – Focused Wrath is the only glyph here that requires serious mention. I am personally of the opinion that you should almost always have this glyph slotted. Holy Wrath is a meteor-type spell, which means its damage is split between all targets it hits. It also happens to hit like a 600-ton freight train with a running jet engine up its ass. In any situation where there is one thing in particular over the course of a fight that needs to fucking die more than all the other things need to fucking die at any given moment, having one of your hardest-hitting abilities tickle it, rather than knock its teeth past its pharynx, because there were other, irrelevant mobs nearby at the moment is unfortunate to say the least.

    Note that for maximum scumbaggerino with Empty Drinking Horn, you should unglyph Focused Wrath so as to spread additional fiery green Ebola to nearby targets, rather than only your primary one.

    (g2) Major Glyphs

    Glyph of Avenging Wrath - heals you for 2% of your health every 4 seconds.
    Glyph of Blinding Light - Blinding light now knocks down targets for 3 seconds rather than blinding them.
    Glyph of Consecration - Consecration can now be cast anywhere within 25 yards.
    Glyph of the Consecrator – Your Consecration effect now moves with you.
    Glyph of Dazing Shield - Avengers Shield now dazes targets for 10seconds.
    Glyph of Divine Protection - Reduces the magic reduction effect to 20% but grants a 20% physical damage reduction as well.
    Glyph of Double Jeapardy - Judging increases the damage of your next Judgement by 20% but only if used on a second target.
    Glyph of Final Wrath - Your Holy Wrath does 50% more damage to targets below 20% health. When paired with Sanctified Wrath, this turns Holy Wrath in execute range into 100 TNT-equivalent kilotons of righteous “GET FUCKED, NERD”.
    Glyph of Flash of Light - When you Flash of Light a target, it causes that target to take 10% more healing from you for the next 7 seconds.
    Glyph of Focused Shield - Avengers Shield hits only one target, but for 30% more damage.
    Glyph of Holy Wrath - Holy Wrath now stuns Elementals and Dragonkin as well.
    Glyph of Protector of the Innocent - When you use Word of Glory to heal an ally, it heals you for 20% of the amount.
    Glyph of Word of Glory - Increases your damage by 3% per charge of Holy Power spent on Word of Glory. Lasts 6 seconds.
    Glyph of Battle Healer - Melee attacks from Seal of Insight heal the most wounded member of your raid or party for 30% of the normal heal instead of you.
    Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice – Your Hand of Sacrifice no longer redirects damage to the casting Paladin.

    Thoughts on Major Glyphs - Despite the large number, most of these glyphs are so situational or downright useless that it's not worth considering them as they won't even cross your mind. The most useful ones are bolded.

    I find myself almost always playing with Glyph of the Consecrator, as ensuring all of your Consecration ticks actually hit something is a non-negligible DPS increase on most fights. Other oft-used options are Glyph of Final Wrath and Glyph of Focused Shield on purely single-target fights, or on fights where having AS do significant cleave damage (such as Mythic Gorefiend) can be problematic. Generally always use glyph of DP with Seraphim, and Focused Shield for more single-target DPS. The Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice bears special mention on any fight where you are starved for external tank CDs, as it allows you to use it on your co-tank in complete safety. Once again, however, it does come at the cost of a major glyph slot.

    Most of the time you will use Hand of Sacrifice, Consecrator and Divine Protection. Use these 3 if unsure.


    (p1) Rotation

    The baseline Protection paladin rotation is relatively simple. With only 1, possibly 2 procs to watch and the fact that our Holy Power finishers are off the global cooldown we do not need to worry about those spells being slotted into the rotation as we can use them whenever. The rotation is as follows:

    Crusader Strike -> Judgement -> X -> Crusader Strike -> X -> Judgement -> Crusader strike -> X -> X
    Here, X denotes Holy Wrath, Consecration or Avenger’s Shield as appropriate, provided you are not specced into Sanctified Wrath. Note that this changes significantly with the acquisition of the T18 4pc as detailed in the Advanced Rotational Concepts section.

    Seals – Seals are now a fluid thing, not just something Canadians club. Threat is a given in WoD unless you are literally AFK, and even then, so long as you’re auto-attacking the boss, the only person realistically likely to pull threat is another tank.

    Generally, Seal of Insight is the desirable Seal for progression content. It provides a significantly larger healing output than one might think, and in doing so serves as a respectable EHP buffer. If you are comfortable with your damage intake on a given fight, and you are by no means struggling to stay alive, then SoR is a DPS increase in the realm of 4-5%. Presupposing you have access to Empty Drinking Horn, which is one of our strongest DPS trinkets, then SoR is a significantly larger DPS increase, particularly on multiple targets, as SoR ticks stack the Fel Burn DoT.

    (p2) Advanced Rotational Concepts – on Grand Crusader, HoPo banking, and Seraphim

    The first subject I would like to touch on is the concept of Grand Crusader. For the duration of Siege of Orgrimmar, this was an avoidance-related proc. Avoidance being what it was in MoP, it was not a proc we saw all too terribly often apart from when tanking a ludicrous amount of mobs, and thus consumption of AS procs was not something we handled with any real sort of urgency in most situations – generally simply slotted in place of filler spell.

    In WoD, however, Grand Crusader (in a hysterically tragicomical attempt at buffing the value of haste that backfired spectacularly) now also procs from Crusader Strike. As we tend to use Crusader Strike rather often, I am of the opinion that dumping any and all GC procs before the next CS is optimal play. While I am unsure of whether or not it is optimal in terms of HoPo generation, Avenger’s Shield hits hard enough for this practice to be warranted purely in terms of DPS gained. Dumping GC procs instantaneously becomes even more important when tanking multiple mobs, as the chance of an avoidance-triggered GC proc is obviously proportional to the number of mobs currently attacking you.

    Once you acquire the T18 4-set, Avenger's Shield becomes an even more important ability, and you will find yourself using this ability inordinately often. Essentially, the T18 4-set applies a simile of GC with almost twice the proc chance to Avenger's Shield, and as such, this ability, even when you do not have a GC proc, becomes your highest priority at all times. Not only does Avenger's Shield generate an absurd amount of Holy Power over the course of a fight, but the 2pc-triggered absorb will also often be your greatest source of healing.

    Now, on the topic of HoPo banking, Holy Power is generated so relatively quickly that many fall into the trap of simply mashing SotR whenever they can. Some even go so far as to macro it to Crusader Strike or other rotational abilities, as it is off the GCD, which is a practice so heinously wrong that it defies the imagination.

    To play optimally around SotR, you must have an in-depth understanding of the damage patterns of the fight in question. While it is generally perfectly OK to use SotR as often as possible, thus mitigating as much damage as possible, there are obviously situations where you must hold off from using SotR for a while – whether this be related to boss mechanics or impending usage of Seraphim – and you must be acutely aware of how vulnerable you are in this timeframe. It is essential that you mitigate the damage during this period in some other fashion if you are at any sort of risk of dying, whether it be personal or external cooldowns.

    Now, lastly, Seraphim. Seraphim is an incredibly interesting talent in the sense that it alters our rotation on a fundamental level. Whereas before our rotation could be broken down into a very simple priority list, Seraphim essentially promotes the sort of gameplay MoP’s Fury spec was famed for, in the sense that everything you do revolves around a certain limited window of time.
    As Seraphim amplifies all of our stats to a tremendous degree, it alone serves perfectly well as a damage-reduction CD for its duration in the face of all but the very heaviest of damage, but it comes at the cost of a tremendous amount of Holy Power up-front, and to use it to full effect (i.e. roughly 50% uptime), there is a considerable period of time where one simply cannot use any SotR that is not a DP proc without unduly delaying Seraphim.

    The solution to this quandary is Glyph of Divine Protection. Breaking the 30-second CD of Seraphim down, we see that there are 15 seconds of its CD that are covered by Seraphim itself. This leaves us with another 15 seconds we must cover. We can safely assume that banking HoPo inside Seraphim is relatively safe, and thus we can cover the back end of Seraphim, equating to 6 seconds, with two back-to-back SotRs. This leaves us with 9 seconds we must cover, and thus we wait one second after the SotRs before using Divine Protection, as a one-second window without coverage is so small that we are unlikely to die barring grievous human error. At the expiration of Divine Protection, Seraphim is ready again, and thus we make sure to bank 5 Holy Power while we are covered by Divine Protection.

    In theory, this sounds simple. In practice, especially as it does not account for the need for emergency WoG casts, etc., it is anything but, and requires some practice for even the skilled player to execute correctly in a raid situation. As mentioned before, I only advise taking this talent if you are seasoned and confident in your own abilities.

    (z1) Stat priority, reforging, gemming and enchanting.

    Stat Priority

    Our stat priority changes somewhat based on our choice of level 100 talent, but the sad truth of the matter is that the difference between our stats in terms of mitigation is rather far from what it once was. In one sense, this is a blessing, as reforging has been removed and having our stats very far from each other would make poorly itemized gear (looking at you, whichever assclown designed the Highmaul loot table to suck equally for everyone) a very frustrating experience, but on the other hand the lack of gear customization options is likely to bug many as much as it bugs me.

    In essence, you will in all cases and all specs favour Bonus Armour over every- and anything else. It is tuned to be a superior stat. Nothing comes close to matching it in performance; it manages to rival our primary stats in terms of damage smoothing. Beyond that, haste is our best stat by a long shot until the 50% raid-buffed mark in most situations. There are a select few situations where Mastery or even Versatility are more desirable stats, but they are both infrequent and insignificant enough that gearing specifically for them is not a concern unless you raid at the level where this guide is fundamentally irrelevant to you in the first place. That said, all of our stats are so reasonably close that the governing rule for gearing in any slot that does not have Bonus Armour is Item Level > Any Other Concerns.


    Gemming is greatly simplified from MoP, as all sockets (which proc randomly now yay DiabLOL loot ) are prismatic and socket bonuses are a thing of the past. You will generally want to use Immaculate Haste Taladite, even if WUE brings you above the 50% haste mark.


    Head = n/a
    Neck = Enchant Neck – Gift of Haste (75 Haste)
    Shoulders = n/a
    Cloak = Enchant Cloak – Gift of Haste (100 Haste and 10% movespeed)
    Chest = n/a
    Bracers = n/a
    Gloves = n/a
    Belt = n/a
    Legs = n/a
    Boots = n/a
    Rings = Enchant Ring – Gift of Haste (50 Haste)

    Weapon = Mark of Blackrock or Mark of the Bleeding Hollow. Mark of Warsong can be used, but proc haste is generally undesirable compared to static haste.
    Shield = n/a

    Raid Consumables

    Flask: Greater Draenic Strength Flask (250 Strength) OR Greater Draenic Stamina Flask (375 stamina). This obviously depends on the degree and manner of the beating you are taking. Stamina will not solve issues with healer throughput, but will allow you more leeway in situations such as Brackenspore’s Necrotic Breath. It is generally only worth using a Stamina flask if you simply lack the raw HP to survive a certain mechanic, or you are so undergeared that the boss melees you for an inordinate part of your HP.

    Potion: Draenic Armor Potion (+1500 Bonus Armor for 25 seconds). BA converts directly to AP, so this is the best potion in terms of both DPS output AND survivability.


    For extra Stam: Whiptail Fillet - 187 Stamina.

    For almost any other occasion: Buttered Sturgeon - 125 haste

    (x1) WeakAuras

    While Mack already makes a perfectly useful set of WeakAuras, I thought I’d be remiss to not include my own setup in the thread. It is bundled into two packages that can be found at the following pastebin links:

    Rotational WeakAuras:
    CDs, Externals and Procs:

    It looks roughly like so:

    This is not a WeakAuras thread. I will not be troubleshooting why my WAs aren’t working for you, and they will be updated sporadically at best.


    (v1) Change log
    12/01/15 – Guide created
    12/01/15 - WeakAuras links amended; Glyph of the Alabaster Shield description corrected. Glyph of Harsh Words description added; formatting of talent section changed slightly.
    12/09/15 - 8 months later guide finally updated to some degree. Is now in a usable, patch-accurate state. More may follow as time allows.
    19/09/15 - Deleted mentions of Glyph of Harsh Words and Glyph of Immediate Truth (no longer available to prot); clarified HFC-specific notes on Seraphim vs Holy Shield in the talents section.
    Last edited by PraisetheSun; 2015-09-18 at 11:31 PM.

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    I'd just +1 this but then I may get another infraction for doing so.

    Good read, enjoyed it. So: +1

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    Made a Guide +1
    Did not Select Glyph of Righteous Retreat -1
    Separated Sera and Holy Shield +1
    Did not mention glyph of harsh words -1
    Talked about seal swapping +1
    I did not fall asleep reading guide +1
    Mentioned Mack, but not mine WA set -1

    Net total : +1

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    Solid guide. How do we request it to be stickied?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hashtags View Post
    Solid guide. How do we request it to be stickied?
    Malthanis should be on it as we speak, provided he actually reads his PMs.

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    Nice guide I like the use of profanity when it comes to Glyph of Final Wrath and Selfless Healer, Eternal Flame, Sacred Shield


    /sticky request

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    I haven't done anything prot since pre 6.0 so it's nice to be able to read up on the things so i can be less afraid.

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    "Glyph of Focused Wrath - Holy Wrath only affects one target."

    Doesn't this already happen by default when there is only 1 target? This would be a DPS loss where AoE is involved? i.e. Tectus, Imp.
    "Deal X dmg split between all enemies"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uurdz View Post
    "Glyph of Focused Wrath - Holy Wrath only affects one target."

    Doesn't this already happen by default when there is only 1 target? This would be a DPS loss where AoE is involved? i.e. Tectus, Imp.
    "Deal X dmg split between all enemies"
    No, you deal same amount of total dmg but only to 1 enemy.
    Beneficial with final wrath.

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    Y'know I already saw this when you had us proofread it a couple of weeks ago and that line about Sacred Shield, EF and Selfless Healer still makes me laugh.

    Well done!

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    My one criticism (and this is only a small one) is the talent section is a bit dense and hard on the eyes. Consider adding some additional formatting to help distinguish each individual talent row from the accompanying text.

    Thanks for making the guide though, should keep the main thread a bit cleaner.

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    Laughed at GET FUCKED, NERD. 10/10

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    Thanks for writing the guide! The thing that was news to me was the focussed wrath recommendation - I can see the logic (focussing fire to kill stuff faster) but I've not used it due to a pre-occupation has often been with AOE threat (wrangling adds). However, maybe getting threat on multiple adds is only an issue on Ko'ragh?

    I've been wondering whether to re-enchant for crit from mastery given the strong advocacy of people here (I use Seraphim on most fights). But are you sure it's better? That was the case in Theck's initial sims:
    But in his more recent sims, mastery is better for TMI even with Seraphim, e.g. here:
    And discussed here:
    Tbh, the two stats seem close enough that it's not something I'd fret over.

    On talents, a small point about repentance - it can be really good in 5 mans. For example, if you were a newly levelled paladin tank in LFD. Ccing one mob in a trash pull can make it much easier. I learnt how to tank in BC era heroics and having my own CC now is a small pleasure. Admittedly, I did come in for abuse from PUGs using it on my first heroic (gogogo!), but it still can be nice to have.

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    By right of succession, I dub this the new Protection guide!

    (Stickied, etc.)

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    good idea, too "wall of text" , more links and dynlinks, would be easier to read

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    Beautiful choice of wording on Final Wrath

    Needs more shiny pictures though! Just to break up the text.
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    Awesome Guide

    One Thing: i believe

    Glyph of Alabaster Shield - Your successful blocks increase the damage of your next SHOTR by 20%. Stacks 3 times.
    has been nerfed to 10% damage bonus / stack.

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    First page hype.

    I've been hearing whispers that there is legitimacy to using Holy Shield on Mythic Bracken, however this seems pretty unlikely. The add feels more threatening then the tank, even during Necro Breath (especially since we have a Disc priest), so it would seem that Seraph would be the obvious choice.

    Nice guide etc, should be a functional successor.
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    Havent you pasted twice the same auras for rotation and CDs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikele View Post
    Havent you pasted twice the same auras for rotation and CDs?
    I seem to have. Correcting it as we speak.

    Edit: Apropos what Xothic posted I can only firmly recommend taking Seraphim on Brackenspore. The only mechanic that Holy Shield truly shines on is Infesting Spores, and quite frankly Infesting Spores is the least of your problems.

    Where Holy Shield does have a very real niche is if you're handling adds on Mythic Ko'ragh or Mythic Imperator. The adds melee for Arcane damage in both instances - something Holy Shield deals with quite nicely.
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