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    Armory: [link][/link]
    Spec: Windwalker.
    Legendary options: Anything but the boots, prydaz, and march.
    Don't have logs to hand, as I'm pugging most of the time atm; previous non-pug runs were from before I changed my Serenity rotation, and to Xuen.

    I need some help with Elisande and gul'dan, both HC, if possible; on fights like Star augur I'm pulling ~610-620k, which is around 90% percentile based on ilev. This tanks dramatically to around 450k on Elisande and Gul'dan; I presume that the huge amounts of movement on elisande are what's getting me, and as for gul'dan, I guess I'm not using the extra action button right or something, though buggering off to the other side of the platform doesn't help, either.

    Changes I'm making for these fights specifically:
    Elisande only: Drop HC for Xuen, because it drops a lot with the movement and phase transitions.
    Gul'dan and Elisande: Drop chest for an 895, one ring for sephuz, eye for 880 arcanogolem. Sephuz' uptime is only around 5-10%, though, particularly low on gul'dan, so possibly should swap that out. As I don't have boots, I presume belt would be best? I can't go for the cloak without dropping 4pc. Oh, and I'm dropping healing elixirs for dampen harm.

    I can avoid the mechanics absolutely flipping fine in 90% of the cases (only one I have issues with is the beam in Gul'dan P1, and the odd corner case of getting boxed in by the first set of rings as the second come in on elis). I'm pugging, because I'm trying frantically to get multiple kills per week to coin, but I'm doing so abysmally that I'm getting kicked from pugs on gul'dan; after everyone fails mechanics like soaking, they point at my low DPS. So, some general help needed. Is there a problem with Serenity on Gul'dan/Elis? I'm running it because it's usually a DPS increase, and often enough stuff's not tanked for great cleaving opportunities, so it feels like a ST. On rings, I run out, drop trans, run back into the centre, avoiding lingering rings, and trans back out, past the outer rings.This ends up being a huge downtime whilst I don't touch the boss whatsoever, which is what I guess is killing my DPS? There's something major going wrong, though, for such a drop in DPS. is convergence actually pretty useless due to the downtime? My next best is a (wait for it...) 895 frond, followed by 885 haste stat stick.

    Other issues I have: Managing to stack MotC high enough, quickly enough, to make serenity worth it on fights like Tich. Got to switch back to SEF for that one, because by the time I've tagged a bunch, it's far too late in the phase.

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    Spec: WW
    Legendaries: Drinking Horn, Katsuo's Eclipse, kil Jadens burning wish.
    Logs: Desolate host kill

    So I recently started playing wow again and while coming back I thought that this was the best chance for me to change class. I stopped playing 6 months ago and then I was playing DH tank, I was a top 100 DH tank in the west in M+ and played quite a lot but the guild I came back to didnt need tank so I started on my monk, but frankly I suck at my monk and need some serious pointers. I would be happy to hear anything regarding the logs, point out any errors and missplays you can find.

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    Armory: /en-us/character/azralon/grizzlly
    Spec: WW
    Legendaries: Prydaz and Cinidaria
    Logs: /reports/aMT12vX6L8jK9ZnG#fight=1 and /reports/aMT12vX6L8jK9ZnG#fight=7
    ^Can't post links yet

    How i can improve my performance?

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    Where I want to be and where I am are 2 different places
    Spec: Windwalker
    Legandaries: Equipped Katsuo's and DHC. In bags, Cinidaria, Prydaz, Emperor's Capacitor, March of the Legion ring, Gloves and Cenedril Cloak
    Combat Log Parse (WoL/WCL):

    This is from last night. I had an off night but my best parse isn't THAT much better than this one. This is Heroic Goroth. I figure I'll start with a fight that has the least chance of my dying on it and go from there. I personally don't understand how to use Serenity right and more often than not I panic when it's time to use it, I hit things in all the wrong order so I fail miserably at it. I'm much more comfortable with WDP. Lately I've been passing gear to my team mates and so they're all into the 920's and I just broke 919 last night (the armory isn't updated). The only pieces of gear that are better ilvl than what's in my bag have oodles of haste and with a 16% haste rating now, I really don't want more of it.

    Can anyone help me decipher my log and tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to improve my uptimes? I'd really appreciate it.
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    Not an expert on your spec, but there are a few simple things I can coment on:

    -You dropped hit combo five times. At first I thought maybe some of those are from running away from the boss, but no. They were all for either casting 2 TP or 2 BoK one after the other. Stop doing that.

    -You overcap CP and you cap energy for several seconds throughout the fight.

    -You gained very little energy and a less then ideal amount of CP from your Energizing Elixirs. Casting it 4 times gave you 13 CP (7 wasted) and 135 Energy. Using it less often but more efficiently will probably give you better results than pressing it as soon as it comes off CD.

    -You didn't use Touch of Karma on Crashing Comets. Why not? The damage is predictable and high and you were playing with Cradle.

    -You had 5 ToS and 1 NH set pieces equipped, do you have no second NH piece or why do you not go for the 4+2 bonus?

    -Comparing your casts to another player with the same talents/legendaries, the only thing that comes to mind is, that the other player casted 30% more Rising Sun Kicks. Which accounts for about 45k dps over the course of the fight and his fire and earth spirits do a lot more damage, which probably comes from him using more powerful abilities while they are up, but that is just guess work on my part. If you want to look deeper into it, take a look here.

    I hope this helped a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greif9 View Post
    you cap energy for several seconds throughout the fight.
    Just an FYI. You want to make sure this is not happening outside of serenity. During Serenity you will be energy capped for a good portion of it.

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    He doesn't play serenity, so in a sense I made sure of that.

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    Hey guys! Looking for some advice on how im messed up so bad. Preformed very well in ToS and not nearly as well as I hoped in heroic antorus thus far unfortunately.

    Spec: Windwalker
    Legandaries: The Emperor's Capacitor, Drinking Horn Cover (have The Wind Blows in bags for when 4p 21)
    Combat Log Parse (WoL/WCL):


    Did well in normal Antorus earlier that night - as soon as we switched to heroic antorus my dps just felt lackluster and I did not change anything in rotation/playing ability to my knowledge. Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to look at other fights too!

    Thanks guys

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    Um... I have a question...

    What's the best stats for Mistweaver Monks?

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    Spec: Windwalker
    Combat Log Parse (WoL/WCL):

    Hey guys,

    HAving some serious issues with my dps. I see people with similar gear pull 1.4M dps or even more.
    While I'm struggling with even keeping 1M, sometimes not even pulling that.
    Im fairly confident that I know the rotation, Im gemmed/enchanted, no double actions etc.

    Can someone have a look and help me out.
    The armory is a bit out of date. My mastery is 33, but want to get that higher.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Silox View Post
    Spec: Windwalker
    Combat Log Parse (WoL/WCL):

    Hey guys,

    HAving some serious issues with my dps. I see people with similar gear pull 1.4M dps or even more.
    While I'm struggling with even keeping 1M, sometimes not even pulling that.
    Im fairly confident that I know the rotation, Im gemmed/enchanted, no double actions etc.

    Can someone have a look and help me out.
    The armory is a bit out of date. My mastery is 33, but want to get that higher.

    Looks like inactivity for me. I had 1.8m dps on LFR shivarra this week with 943 gear, you're at 437k DPS, not sure this log is right???? But if it is, you can cleary see something weird is up with the number of casts, 8 fist of fury for 8 min fight???

    Also your black out attacks have wrong position, they should be basically on the top, especially since you have 4 set bonus. You probably push tiger palm when you could push black out kick. EDIT: not on top on shivarra..but for none cleave fights..
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    Spec: Windwalker

    Can someone help me figure out whats wrong? I'm living up to my expects dmg output, according to raidbots. But I feel like my dps is really low for my ilvl. You can see in that parse, Lib did the top dps, he was only 3 ilvl above me during that raid. I tried to sim with the 4pc and legendary chest instead of my current gear to see if thats the issue, but it's only sims my dps at around 1.9m. I've been expecting to hit 2m+ at my ilvl, and obviously Lib was able to do it easily. What's wrong with my gear, what am I not seeing?

    Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isoz View Post
    Spec: WindWalker
    Im no expert at windwalker by any means but just a quick compare between yours and stockburn (also windwalker), you seem to be missing a fair few spell casts. For instance just looking at your fetid kill, you had 1 less fist of fury cast, 8 less rising sun kicks, but somehow 11 more blackout kicks.
    You had the same number of tiger palm and fist of the white tiger usages so that indicates you are running out of chi because you are spamming blackout kick too much when you should be making sure you have the chi to instantly use your big hitters as they come off cooldown.
    Then theres spells like touch of death and touch of karma. You had 1 less touch of death cast, which is just 150k damage less from that. And touch of karma, you had 0 casts. Yes its a defensive cooldown but its also 1 of a windwalkers major dps cooldowns. You are even running good karma so you need to make use of the extra damage. On a fight like fetid where the damage is very predictable, you know theres going to be a shockwave stomp incoming so you should atleast get a karma down when you can to not only make it easier to heal, but it will add upwards to 300k to your damage done. Thats not even the full potential of the shield. Once you are used to the damage certain abilities deal, you can purposely stand in a breath attack or something to increase the damage you deal with karma. To put it simple, last time I dpsed this fight I had 428k damage from touch of karma which was by far my highest damage ability.

    I also noticed you were running chi burst. Granted its only minor but you had 0 damage with it the entire fight so it would have been slightly more dps to run eye of the tiger which is free damage, or as the other monk in your group was running, chi wave which is instant and more of an ability you weave in when you are out of energy or capped on chi.

    Granted this is just 1 fight, but looking at overall, I can see you only had 2 karma usages over the entire evening, and your other spell usage seemed to be lacking too.

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