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    Gift to Veteran Players: Orc Wolf Rider Mini-Statue

    Gift to Veteran Players: Orc Wolf Rider Mini-Statue
    The first people have started receiving their veteran gifts! The statue is an orc riding a wolf; it is a miniature version of the one located outside the Blizzard HQ.

    Credit to @thebl4ckd0g for the picture of the statue itself and Smitti for the picture of the inscription on the base.
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    Pretty I want one. might grab on ebay

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    9.6 years of loyal service. I don't expect a statue, but I woulda loved beta. Guess those extra couple months mean everything. =(

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    I've been a player for over 9 years, I'm glad I didn't get it, because I'm an Alliance player at the heart xD

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    That's cool, I won't be getting one, perhaps a little jealous but congrats to those who are getting them.

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    Off by 4 days here. 4 darn days. Oh well, it's very nice and congrats to those who got it!

    Rathalir Emberlight of the Crystal Desert realm

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    Two linked accounts, original one was started the day of release. Havent played that one in years, been playing the second linked account, off and on. No statue, though I really hate Orcs so I am OK with this, lol.

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    Have had a sub since November 2004. Can't wait to get mine and even better I play Horde so it goes nicely with my other Horde items. Thanks Blizzard.

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    I'm here since day one but I've frozen the account at least 3/4 times, I'm elegible anyway?

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    Any confirmation on whether it has to be an account that has been constant the entire time?

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    I would love to know how many they actually sent out. I missed this by a lot subbed July of '05 and I let my sub lapse a few times when I got bored with the game *coughMoPcough* :P grats to anyone who receives one A little jealous here :P

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    a bit over a week off from the required 60 day period. But this is awesome, congratulations to everyone who got these!

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    playing since EU release day 1 but i've canceled my sub 2014 for 1 1/2 weeks because of vacation. it would be nice but i don't expect a statue.

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    Accounted started 67 days after release. D'oh!

    But my account's frozen since they had a year of nothing whatsoever to do in MoP, so that would have shot me down anyway. C'est la vie!

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    it's like the old scarabl lord only a few, who really got it, will get one. So grats to all 50 of you and to you 9-9.9 year plays...... sorry ~Blizzard

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    I wonder how much will it cost on EBay ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raldazzar View Post
    Pretty I want one. might grab on ebay
    Go ahead its only 1600$

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    I'm calling Horde bias! But seriously, it's nice to see Blizzard reward the long time, pretty much full length, players with something memorable, but not something that changes the game. I'm nearly a year short of earning one.

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    Now I don't care about missing out on this for whatever reason (account created on launch day) because I don't care for gaming tchotchkes.

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