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    But for tier 4 Ancestral Guidance does not feel like the things for me, so what would you guys say would be a easy choice for a healing noob like me Crashing Waves or Deluge? Right now running with Cloudburst it has it's uses, but I forget to pop the damned Guidance at times... So Crashing waves feels like a relatively simple choice.
    Definitely try it. I know I would. It was either that or echo. Haven't tried both, but then I'd have to use healing surge more often to not waste the tidal waves. Will try it tonight.
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    In Tier 5 I would say that Earthern Shield for dungeons should be replaced with Ancestral Vigor to deal with the pesky tanks and whatnots that just keep running away. Not many tanks actually bring the mobs back to the slow moving healer to get healed....
    In dungeon I find this earthern shield talent useless. Except maybe against bosses. You'll constantly be moving. With echo, I've a lot of riptide cast and since they're instant heal + talent that provides a 10% increased health, it's a win-win situation for me.
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    In Tier 6 swaping Cloudbusrt with Echo would make my life much more easier most probably.
    Like I said, most totems are useless for me. I tried really hard to find its use and then went with echo. Life went wayyy easier with this talent. I definitely prefer this target healing over very slow AoE heals against unpredictable damage. Cloudburst fits more for Raid imo.
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    As for the last tier, not sure about High Tides, but for a noob a passive skill could beat the active usage one...
    I can perfectly understand that. This is my own opinion, but I dislike long CDs in dungeons. It's impossible to predict how much damage the group will take. I like to use this talent when I don't have any riptide left. It's a nice way to wait for another riptide stack, and with graceful spirit you can use it pretty much every 2/3 trashpack. After that I like to use Healing Stream Totem with Ancestral guidance.

    Just try echo. And get intellect trinket + relics. 780 is a very low one. Look for WQs relics, and use them asap because the ilvl will go up aswell for the next time you'll do the same WQ. I don't know how exactly WQs rewards works, but the higher ilvl you are, the higher the reward is up to a certain point where it stalls.
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    It's shame to admit that I have not gotten around to much WQ, been focusing on my artifact and order hall questline in the very limited play time I can manage. But I did a dungeon, heroic, and healing felt smoother and easier (or maybe ended up with a very reasonable tank). Yes, can't cure stupid but still felt better compared to heroic dungeon before the talent change. I do agree that in dungeons the long CD are pain in the ..... . Cause when you waste it on a trash pack and have nothing for the boss when needed then you're in trouble. Thanks for the ideas and discussion.
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    Is there a trinket rankings list anyplace. Atm I have a 920 arcano and a 925 Sea Star. I just got a 915 perfectly preserved Cake and wanted to compare them just o see if it was close to the sea star.
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    920 arcano wins all the way

    Sea star is far over cake in raid content.

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    I'm not a resto pro so i need some hint with my build.
    This is my armoury,à/marikia , (enchant and gems missing)

    for your experience wich items need to change first? legendary it's fine for a raid progression? atm im pugging normal , try to enter in hc next week

    sry for eng its not my mother langue.

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    You want more Crit and Mastery, less haste, as a general rule. You should wear any other legendary than that belt as thats what on the worst rated ones. Try to pick of Prydaz, Roots, Velens, or Soul of the Farseer. Save bonus rolls for tier bosses, you'll want to pick up some of those set pieces asap. 2 piece set bonus is rated very highly, 4 piece is decent. Check on shaman discord for more specific recommendations.

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    Hello fellow Shamans

    Im looking for a macro, hope you guys can help me, the macro need to look something like, if i mouse over on a friendly player it use the heal BUT if i mouse over an enemy it use X spell, it is possible for such macro? thanks

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    Why is this guide not updated? It's for 6.0.3? Is mmo-champion a dying forum or something?

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