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    Found this out the other day. If you have ~10 hours a solid team you can just grind CoF (~70 runs with boosters) to max out your mastery for tyria.
    Yea there's a bit of a debate going if it's an exploit or not... either way it sounds like a horribly boring way to max out your masteries. Of course I don't feel any pressure to get all the masteries done OMG NOW... so that also is likely part of why doing that is even less appealing to me. Plus I abhor grinding for anything in games, drives me batty.

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    You and me both, however there are some who like grinding for the sake of grinding.

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    There was a post somewhere on the official forums that stated the CoF farm is not an exploit, because the mobs being killed only reward xp. No loot or anything else.

    That said, I already have pact mastery done and I've started working on precursor crafting as of last night. XP boosters (specifically kill streak boosters) are your friend. I did a mix of Harathi Hinterlands (where you kill wave after wave of centaurs) for one of the daily event completer achieves the other day and was seeing ~400k xp per event. Not to mention a truckload of loot. Cursed Shore also works well if you get in on a map with decent amount of people (although old timers may cringe at the idea of going back to CS yet again).

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