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    Keto is just a caloric deficient diet, nothing magic happens like some believe.

    People see amazing results because not eating can be easier than eating healthy

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnus View Post
    I'm not a nationalistic fellow, but when it comes to nutrition I sure am happy to be Italian. Our diet is generally very healthy for the following reasons;

    - We don't drink sodas
    - We don't use butter or fats
    - We don't or barely deep-fry anything
    - We barely drink milk
    - We mostly don't do junk food; it's just not imbedded in our culture. You'll mostly find tourists in Mac Donald's and that's pretty much the only big fast-food chain you'll encounter.
    - We don't use cream in food. Ever.

    - Both men and women learn to make home-made meals at a very young age.
    - We eat lots of fresh fruit and have a varied diet in general
    - We exclusively use olive oil, mostly in raw form
    - We use lots of garlic and onions
    - We use lots of rosemary, thyme, basil, sage, parsley, red peppers, oregano and other antioxidant herbs
    - We use lots of tomatoes and seasonal veggies
    - We take our time to eat; the world stops during lunch time. It's that important

    These are some of the reasons that Italians are among the healthiest people in the world. I wish we had the same common sense when it comes down to running the country...

    If you have to take anything from the above, it's the following: stop using sugar. Stop drinking sodas. Stop eating processed foods. Stop eating white bread. Make your own meals from scratch; no pre-made sauces, no dressings, no taste enhancers, etc. Stop deep-frying things. Avoid fast food chains like the plague.

    Do this and you'll never need to go on a diet at all.
    Here, here,

    Sugar isn't -bad- for you too much sugar is, you need to eat like what 20 banana's to get the same amount of fructose as from a liter bottle of coke/soda and the amount of empty calories in there. Fast food also, a lot of empty calories spiced up with more sugar.

    It is a shame a lot of people don't know how to cook and even when getting food to go to all the wrong places, to stick with the italian subject we have tons of pizzeria's, ristorante's even just Rosticceria/pasticceria and still they prefer to get a pizza at the pizzahut or something to eat at the macdonalds.

    Losing weight is not hard but you need to stick something that works long term and keto feels like starving yourself, denying yourself of good things. There are a few keto advocates that in my opinion are looking less and less healthy every year, Thomas Delauer, that dry simply does not look healthy. I also don't know how people can life worrying if this or that will put them out of ketosis.

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    Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and no diets will come in handy.

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    Been keto since right before Thanksgiving 2019. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic (pumper), get moderate daily exercise, and my daily fat/protein/carb macros are about 110g/60g/20g(net) and here are my results so far:
    *About 25lbs lost to date
    *A1c dropped from 7.9 to 6.1 (most diabetics goal is under 7)
    *Avg. daily blood sugars dropped from 180 to 130
    *Overall cholesterol dropped from 201 to 138
    *Total daily insulin usage dropped from ~100units per day to <50units
    *Avg. daily blood pressure dropped from ~135/90 to ~110/70

    This diet has been a lifesaver for me. I've cut my insulin usage in half and my goal is to further reduce it as much as I can. The real surprise for me was the cholesterol drop! Given the amount of fats required for keto, I would have expected the opposite. I opt for alot of healthier fats (coconut oil, avocados, etc.) but I eat bacon and red meat everyday, so it kind of debunks the myth that red meat is bad.

    I will say that being a T1 diabetic, I was concerned at first about low blood sugars. It's a constant struggle adjusting insulin usage as the weight comes off. One hard day at the gym will send me hypo pretty quickly, and it's almost an addiction to try and stay in ketosis that I won't use carbs to bring my sugars back up. But it's nice that I'm under 100 throughout the day when I was used to being over 150 all the time!

    Four things to consider about the keto diet (for diabetics in particular): 1.) Limit your protein! Especially if you're borderline sedentary like I was...once you're fat-adapted, too much protein can kick you out of ketosis as quickly as a slice of cheesecake. 2.) insulin usage naturally fights against ketosis, so your goal should be to reduce insulin response as much as possible. This is tough if you're injecting or pumping insulin. I theorize that it's the reason I'm not seeing the drastic weight loss results that others seem to experience on keto, but to be honest my goal is to get my blood sugars down, not necessarily lose weight. 3.) avoid "dirty" keto. Eat whole foods and avoid the boxed/bagged/packaged/"keto"-labeled crap out there. Salads, grass-fed beef, broccoli, spinach, eggs, nuts, avocados, cacao, coconut oil...all are win... eating keto even when you're dining out is pretty easy. My family goes to Red Robin a lot and you can do lettuce wrap avocado burger and bottomless broccoli instead of's great. Finally 4.) If you like to drink...whiskey has zero carbs.

    These are just my results and opinions, so take em or leave em, but I love being keto--I feel like it's help me conquer this wretched disease!

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    I have tried it my self..but, not exactly a formal way..I just tried to stay out of carb food and consumed more juices and fruit dishes..Actually, It was hard to bear first..But gradually I lose the necessity of a big portion of food I used to have and also I lose some weight...Though I still did not get what I expected, It seems to be effective

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrich View Post
    Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and no diets will come in handy.
    every sensible plan of food consumption is a diet in a way I mean that diet is not just reduction in food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proskill View Post
    has anyone tried it ? what can you tell about it ? is there any difference in results from a normal 1500 kcal diet with carbs ?
    The ketogenic diet has become quite popular recently. Studies have found that this very low-carb, high-fat diet is effective for weight loss, diabetes and epilepsy. A ketogenic diet typically limits carbs to 20–50 grams per day. While this may seem challenging, many nutritious foods can easily fit into this way of eating.

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    I tried the keto diet when I was in the gym. This is really a good way to quickly lose weight and make your muscles visible.

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    How can I deliver more fibre to my diet? I eat 80 g of almonds and 2 tomatoes every day
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    Most keto diets allow for net carbs, so eat some high fiber veggies like broccoli.

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    I concur with broccoli. Psyllium husk is a good option as well as most of the carbs are fiber from what I recall. My only suggestion is that if you put it in a drink, make sure you drink it fast as it thickens the water considerably over time.

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