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    Great read and cool ideas. Someone should hire you *wink wink nudge nudge*

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    I'm still wondering if we have to have a need to level from 100 to anything? Why not just give us 10 plus new zones to play in come expansion time? And for that matter.. make all the other zones "Max" level. What happens when you "finish" a zone. Gate it to a zone where you can come back and repeat dailies, quests etc. I'm looking at you secret world type questing!

    But this is awesome! And amazing job!! Why arent you working for Blizzard??!?!

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    Goblinbots? Oh hell yeah. I look forward to finding out why they were so advanced before and have since devolved in terms of intellect!

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    This is my suggestion.
    I think we need a plot twist in this end of expansion (Draenor). Like one of our main character will be killed in battle, because of something related with the most powerful enemy (Sargeras? Kil Jaeden?), and also there will be a betrayal of one of our companion. So in the next expansion, we'll seek a revenge for that. Rather than introducing new world that we probably don't care about.

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    Great idea. A lot of people have been suggesting a Naga expansion for a long time now. It's good to see someone actually flesh it out and theorize all of its features. My only suggestion would be a new race or class (MAYBE BOTH?!?!?). 2 Expacs in a row without a new class or race would be pretty rough. The lack of those in WOD was forgivable because they introduced the new player models, your idea doesn't really have an excuse. Really interesting post though.

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    I love the look of it, very well put together - Clearly a lot of work has went into this and it really shows. It's just sad that it would never really happen due to how negative the feedback was towards our first underwater leveling zone, which i've never really been able to understand. What was the hate for? I could imagine that if you keyboard turned it would be difficult, but playing the game the way it's intended to be done left me with zero issues; I LOVED vash'jyr and I would love this even more.

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    This is really impressive. If I was blizzard, I would either hire you or censure you =P

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    Well damn Blizzard should hire you aboard I love the ideas of this. Good Job

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    Instead of a garrison, we should get a sea port.

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    Dont forget the Kvaldir! Looks sweet

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    Awesome idea's Golden Yak, and beautiful artwork as usual! I was just wondering if you plan on having the Makrura involved (lobster humanoids) ? I've always had a thought that they are like the Aqir of the sea, an offshoot of the old empire like nerubians and mantid. I see them as minions of N'zoth, and are actually a far more advanced and superior race lurking in the depth's, compared too they're shallower water cousin's. I imagine they'd look like the twin emperor's or higher ranking qiraji. I Would die of joy, if I saw some concept art :P

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    As a big fan of Naga, and one of the people sick and tired of endless Orcs, great concept, OP!

    I really hope they actually take in some of these, and maybe give us elements of it at some point, if not the actual Naga-centered expansion.

    I (still) want to believe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vishy View Post
    gay as fuck

    this 1000000

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicer299 View Post
    Nope, sorry, no matter how cool it may seem, water theme's are not allowed. Go level from another tune from 80-85 again to remember how much it sucks.
    But this isn't underwater, the whole point is that Azshara rose the land from the sea, it's another continent on Azeroth, filling out the middle section of the map.
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    Golden Yak. If you were a girl, I'd offer my life energy for your babies.
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    Green Goblin is that you?
    I love your ideas GoldenYak and would be nice too if we had a ship of our own and it had some buildings on it to make it our base for this ocean like expansion and you could make it like a Sea Garrison, but for more of the ocean. Like a crane to pick up fish, supplies, and so forth.
    We get missions in which are underwater and we explore in our crafted Underwater Steamsuits (Large Mecha Suits), then explore the vast ocean of Azeroth for items for quests, lost treatures that your people on the ship want etc...
    Naga and their minions would be a threat to for the ship so you have to do missions to blast them away and some missions to repair your ship with treasures and suppies you found on your journeys.

    Would love Ogres to be part of this expansion to, and it could lead up having Neptulon coming back and joining our cause and two new Elemental Lords are chosen for Azeroth and we try to get the other two The Earth Lady Chick and the Neptulon to get used to the whole new experience.
    With your zone ideas there should be sub-zones which are home-age to the old places they used to be.
    Like for example, Pillar Deep could be a entrance way into Nazjatar, while Gishran Caverns could be a certain location on your zone map.
    For the Horde!

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    This is awesome. I cant believe you did it all alone!
    Blizzard must hire you immideately.

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    Amongst the Wilds, or in my Garrison... >.>
    Blizzard needs to extend an invitation to you on their staff... That and whoever has helped you to produce this...
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    This is a great concept!

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    Really like everything about it.

    4th spec might complicate things/balance wise and people ditching the other specs.

    Overall, really nice ideas

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