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    BRF - best raid since Ulduar/ICC?

    So, I guess some of you will say it's too early to say if BRF is one of the best raids ever released. It's mostly a matter of how well designed the mythic encounters are.

    But we can discuss things like the setting, lore and the overall feel of the raid already. I can say that I was amazed. It feels EPIC. Most fights are not only very interesting mechanics-wise, but they also feel so good. Trains rushing onto the station and unloading hundreds of troops in an attempt to stop our advance, cannon barrages from the ship, all this stuff made me want to pound my chest during the raid. BRF actually feels like we're a bunch of heroes storming into the heart of the enemy fortress. It is what ICC should have felt like, but only the Gunship encounter (and LK to a lesser extent) did. Instead of swarms of the Scourge rushing at us from every corner, we got large empty corridors and halls and a few bosses inside. Even BRF trash feels like we have to fight for every inch of ground against a desperate enemy.

    What are your feelings about BRF?
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    I love it, though I only did 3 bosses (tomorrow will be the official raid day, we went normal to have a glimpse). The environment is awesome, epic, you really feel like you're in a foundry. I also feel that blizz was a lot more creative with BRF bosses than they were with Highmaul ones, thinking about the environmental hazards, like trains and conveyor belts.
    As an old TBC raider I've shed a tear for Gruul, seeing that he has the same quotes and some old mechanics. Sweet nostalgia right there.

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    Let's say the instance looks amazing. The fights are also visually awesome. Thorga was epic as shit.

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    2early 2say. But some fights are pretty cool and overall this instance looks great.

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    I half wish they'd skip highmaul and gone straight to the main course.

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    I half wish they'd skip highmaul and gone straight to the main course.
    Highmaul is pretty good for a medium-sized raid.

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    On Oregorger, being a healer and having the camera constantly move due to being up against a wall is painful.

    Also it seems like heals have LoS issues on that fight but not dps spells.

    So No! At the moment I'm saying the raid instance is not completely awesome..

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    I have to agree, even though our guild has only dabbled with BRF the short time we were in there it felt like ya, we are here to accomplish something very important in support of the war effort. Lets hope that Iron Citadel also captures that feel!!
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    I do like how important it feels. It feels like a foundry, not a raid.

    I would say that ToT and SoO were very strong raids though (Mostly ToT), so it'll be interesting to see if this one can top it.

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    I think the key is that the instance feels believable as a real place. Unlike something like ICC which felt too obvious that it was made to be a raid.

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    One of the best ones so far. Generally, raid quality is extremely good these days. It's like after the catastrophe that was Dragon Soul they really pushed out quality instance after quality instance. Also, raids seem to have gotten more difficult.

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    Not a fan of the Siege of Orgrimmar theme; along with the claustrophobic hallways and confusing layout. But the bosses are decent and the tuning is surprisingly good for heroic mode.

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    Saw 4/10 heroic and 8/10 normal so far. It's one of WoW's best raids for sure. I wouldn't say as good as Ulduar or Kara, but it's close.

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    Seems pretty meh, 9/10 seems bland and boring. Hopefully blackhand has interesting mechanics.

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    Hans and Franz made me giggle, loved the dance and Oregorger was fun as well. Did 5 bosses on hc last night and like all of those at least

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    I'd say yes so far, have to wait until mythic for sure though

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    Huge disappointment for me so far. Went in on normal, probably should have done heroic. Trash is faceroll. Gruul is faceroll. Oregorger rolling phase is the stupidest thing ever. Blast Furnace is a clusterfuck. Will get better on heroic I guess.

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    I think that dungeons having wings and allowing you to select what order to do bosses makes a massive difference. Still not as good as Ulduar/Karazhan, but really close.
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    Raid is ugly as fuck ... looks and feels like soo, only worse

    Fights so far are a lot of fun though, ToT might still beat it as far as recent raids go when it comes to well designed fights, but I guess thats subjective.

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    It looks fine. DS also looked fine on the first clear. Seeing as this raid content will probably have to last at least until September, I think people will end up hating it even more than DS, ToGC. In fact calling it now: hype followed by hate incoming.

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