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    Yes it can be empty, and you can't force it to be empty by logging out/in, but from experience it does fill up again soon after.

    Let me put it differently, on my main I have 17 epic mounts and I complete far more missions every day than on my alt with only 10 epic mounts even though whenever I log my main I also log my alt to complete missions.
    I get that as well on my main, although she doesn't have most epic mounts out of all my chars. Kind of odd come to think of it. Maybe best spread of counters, best racials and highest ilvls? Not sure. Not really relevant to me anyway because I don't intend to check more than 1-2 times a day. ^^

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    Maybe I am a bit stupid but the document is confusing me - basically what abilities do I want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saaraae View Post
    Maybe I am a bit stupid but the document is confusing me - basically what abilities do I want?


    Sorted GR Value
    Group Damage 361
    Massive Strike 313
    Danger Zones 273
    Magic Debuff 266
    Timed Battle 255
    Powerful Spell 162
    Minion Swarms 145
    Wild Aggression 75
    Deadly Minions 0


    Sorted Gold Value
    Massive Strike 1012.5
    Wild Aggression 854.2
    Minion Swarms 700.0
    Deadly Minions 629.2
    Group Damage 618.3
    Timed Battle 608.3
    Danger Zones 586.7
    Powerful Spell 555.0
    Magic Debuff 375.8


    Sorted Oil Value
    Timed Battle 110.4
    Massive Strike 98.8
    Minion Swarms 97.9
    Magic Debuff 97.1
    Deadly Minions 79.2
    Danger Zones 76.7
    Wild Aggression 70.0
    Powerful Spell 54.2
    Group Damage 50.8


    Sorted Apexis Value
    Deadly Minions 933.3
    Magic Debuff 633.3
    Massive Strike 600.0
    Powerful Spell 600.0
    Wild Aggression 333.3
    Timed Battle 250.0
    Group Damage 200.0
    Minion Swarms 150.0
    Danger Zones 100.0

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