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    Warlock Stream & Videos Thread

    If you would like your stream to be added please reply with the following information:

    Name: Your advanced armory link.
    Guild: Your guilds website.
    Content: CMs, 20M, 25H, 25N, 10H, 10N (this is obviously Flex so just estimate) etc.
    Region: US, EU, CN, AU, etc.
    Language: EN, CN, FR, etc.
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link: This one is more optional as many people likely stream without making youtube content but the option is there.

    Last Update: 2/6/16

    Name Guild Content Region Language Twitch Youtube
    Atroxe Encore 20M US EN Click Here Click Here
    Furty Midwinter 20M & CMs US EN Click Here Click Here
    Novx Vulgar 20M, PvP, & CMs US EN Click Here
    Xyronic Limit 20M US EN Click Here
    Brusalk Carried 20M US EN Click Here Click Here
    Flhar Vigil 20M US EN Click Here
    Kamslock Duality 20M & CMs US EN Click Here
    Kapelusz Encore 20M US EN Click Here
    Zvvl Margaritaville 20M & 25H US EN Click Here
    Eviaax N/A PvP US EN Click Here
    Santø Mediocre at Best 20M & 25H US EN Click Here
    Sparkuggz Method 20M & CMs EU EN Click Here
    Sisariash Hope n Despair 20M EU GR Click Here
    Smexytime Furious Wrist 20M & 25H EU EN Click Here Click Here
    Lyrov Ascendance 20M & 25H EU EN Click Here
    Wormie Ðanish Terrace 20M EU DA Click Here
    Caides Triggered 20M US EN Click Here Click Here
    Doppelman Utvalda 20M & CMs EU SWE Click Here
    Dravenrenik Offtime 20M & 30H US EN N/A Click Here
    Xija Crimson Wake 20M & 25H EU EN Click Here Click Here
    Shimejii Sudden Clarity 20M & 25H US EN Click Here Click Here
    Irkthul Talotaikurit 20M & 20H US EN/FIN Click Here Click Here
    Tayys Consequence 20M & CMs EU EN Click Here
    Lyvondria Affenjungs Inc 20M & 25H EU DE Click Here Click Here
    Waraz NollTvåTre 20M EU SWE/EN Click Here Click Here
    Xarwo Set Sail for Fail 20M & CMs EU EN/GER Click Here Click Here
    Alaj Echoes 20M EU EN Click Here Click Here
    Wugazi Elevation 25H EU EN Click Here
    Vivy Honestly 20M EU EN Click Here Click Here
    Loozy Danish Terrace 20M & CMs EU EN/DK Click Here Click Here
    Richardi Huluholics 20M EU EN Click Here Click Here
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    Content: 20M & ~25H
    Region: NA
    Language: EN
    Twitch link:

    I'm not super good but sometimes I stream so that's neat.

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    Hi hope you're OK.

    Here's my info:

    Name :

    Guild :

    Content : 20M & 25HC

    Region : EU

    Language : EN

    Twitch Link :

    Youtube Link :

    I've played warlock since 2009 and am playing demo at the moment at a decent level.



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    Streaming often on - Danish Terrace warlock. 20M ofc.

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    Content: 20M
    Region: US
    Language: EN

    May or may not stream over the next few weeks as I am currently trialing in WWA but I typically stream either warlock or mage PvE content, along with the occasional CS:GO/League games.
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    Guild: Non-existent. Utvalda
    Content: CMs, 20M.
    Region: EU
    Language: SWE
    Twitch Link:

    Will be streaming on raid days: Wed, Thur and Monday, between 19-23.

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    Content: 20M, 30H, 30N
    Region: US
    Language: EN
    Youtube Link:

    I don't stream I only aim to create YouTube guide's to help players maximize their DPS and survivability/playability in BRF on every fight in every Warlock spec.

    Warlock Specific DPS Video Guides - Owning Blackrock Foundry!
    Interested in improving in BRF? Check out the above link for tips and tricks on optimizing your play for each spec on each encounter! Currently have guides for 10/10 Fights as Demonology, 0/10 Fights as Destruction, 0/10 Fights as Affliction.

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    Name: Nêlsôn -
    Guild: Omnipotent - US 63 -
    Content: 20M, 25H - Other random games.
    Region: US
    Language: EN, FR(Acadian dialect),
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link: None yet

    Will be streaming our Mythic farm in about 2 hours. I know my twitch name is silly, It's what I used for Speedrunslive.
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    Name: Shimejii
    Content: 20M, 25H
    Region: US,
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    Stream On Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays for raiding, Other days for Gearing up my hunter or other alts or if people want to see me play for fun.

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    Name: Irkthul
    Guild: Talotaikurit
    Content: 20M, 20+Heroic clears when we need gear from it. We do 3hours per raid, 3 days a week. pretty relaxed atmosphere while maintaining pretty good progress. we got 190'ish blackhand in the world.
    Region: EU
    Language: EN/Finnish
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    I upload all of my bosskills up on the youtube, I stream almost daily, including all of our raids and a bunch of other stuff.
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    Guild: NollTvåTre
    Content: 20M
    Region: EU
    Language: SWE/EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    Will get going with 6.2 progression.

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    Name: Xerwo
    Guild: Set sail for fail
    Content: 20M/HC & CMs
    Region: EU
    Language: GER/EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

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    Name: Alaj
    Guild: Echoes
    Content: 20 M
    Region: EU
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    Not allowed to post links, so that is why they are like that.

    Will be streaming every raid with TS

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    Content: CMs and 20M
    Region: EU
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:

    CM boosts often and farm/hc streamed
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    Content: 20M Progress (Nightraid)
    Region: EU
    Language: GER
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

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