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    Jan 2013
    Adelaide, Australia
    Name: Zevoa
    Guild: Ascension
    Content: 20M
    Region: OCE
    Language: ENG
    Twitch LinK:
    Youtube Link:

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    Making this for an excellent streamer i think deserves some attention!

    Name: Dcarterwww
    Guild: Ark
    Content: 20M, Mythic +
    Region: US
    Language: ENG
    Twitch Link:

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    Name: [Utilibits, aka Utility]
    Guild: [Royal Militia]
    Content: 20M, CMs (M+), 25H, PvP
    Region: US
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    US 50-80 guild, new to Warlock. I've mained a Holy Paladin, Guardian Druid, Restoration Druid, Feral Druid, and Dps Death Knight in the past.

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    Name: Darvaz (
    Guild: Keep Calm (
    Content: 20M, Mythic+, Mythic Dungeons, PvP
    Mythic+: Level 8 best so far
    Raid Progress: 1/7M
    Region: US
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:

    US 80-100 generally Mythic Raid group, working on pushing past that this tier, I'm new to maining a Warlock but I've played MW Monk and other classes at a pretty high level starting with a Rogue in Classic!

    Will be interacting with chat as much as possible and getting a camera this week.
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    Name: I go under the name Nitrak, though had to go with this on Silvermoon
    Content:20M, M+
    Region: EU
    Language: EN, DK
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

    I mainly stream Mythic raids or Mythic+ dungeons from Warlock PoV - On occasion some PvP or other games.
    "If everything is under control, you are going too slow."
    - Mario Andretti

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    Hi cool thread.

    Just wanted to watch a video of Atroxe raiding mythic but it seems he is playing Shadow Priest?

    thx for the thread and keep up the good work

    Edit : For crying out loud. Switched to Furty youtube and apparently he is playing Shadow Priest too. What are the odds huh

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    Huntsville AL
    Streaming Affliction warlock stuff, 20M / M+
    Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 6 - midnight Central

    Also have youtube with a bunch of aff content:
    Don't be like haunt guy.

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    Affliction Warlock Stream

    Affliction Warlock!

    Content: Mythic+ (2-15), All Raids. Basicly all pve content.
    Region: EU
    Language: NOR, EN
    Twitch Link:
    Youtube Link:

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    Name: http : // us . battle . net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Akariat/advanced
    Guild: http : // shroudguild . enjin . com/
    Content: CMs, 20M, 20H
    Region: US
    Language: EN, FR
    Twitch Link:www . twitch . tv/leaprah

    Have been playing warlock for wotlk cata early mop and legion
    i will stream all raid days wich are tuesday thursday and sunday 8-11h pm EST
    i also like to do some random stream in between those days mostly wednesday and monday

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    Guild: Irae AoD (R.I.P.) :<
    Content: M+, PvP
    Region: EU
    Language: GER, EN
    Twitch Link:

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    May 2017
    Upper Austria
    Guild: Integrity - Eredar
    Content: M+ / LFR / nHC - HC - Mythic Raids [Nighthold Mythic Clear]
    Region EU (AUT)
    Language: DE / EN

    [Edit: Can't post direct links because New MMO Account]
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    Content: CMs, 20M, 25H
    Region: US
    Language: EN
    Twitch Link:

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