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    Allowing them to be bought on the bmah only if you have previously aquired a challenge set from mop would be cool actually.

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    yay, I have them on 7 chars, need more... they were easier that double-chesting a 19 m+.

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    Sure why not, BUT only if they also put the old elite pvp sets in there. Deal?
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    I'd be okay with them being available to people who completed gold back in mop, too. Really want the warrior set, but I only got the paladin.
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    I don't have any (never really enjoyed MoP challenges, and barely played WoD) and there are a few I'd love to get.

    But I'm completely OK with them never being available again. This kind of "prestige" items shall remain.

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    Sell them one by one like t3. Getting the whole set at one go is just too easy.

    Did on 22+ chars btw; was both fun and destructive.

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    I've never agreed with people getting vanilla pvp gear through rated bgs, didn't like tier3 being up for grabs by pretend-oldschoolers and I'm not fond of these sets on BMAH either.

    But then again, I don't really care what people do or wear - it doesn't affect me. So they might aswel go for it.

    Doubt they ever will though - the orderhall sets are as close as some will get.

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    I only have the lock, druid, and priest sets. It would be nice to be able to buy the other sets.

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