Hello guys

Im not a Wiz at weakauras or anything, but yesterday i took myself the time to make a weakaura tracker, which will track your Potion's duration, weapon enchants (All of them, even DK and hunter ones), Legendary ring procc (Both versions, 690 and 710), and then every single trinket from BRF, where it will only load if your class can have a specialization that fits it. The trinkets are in 3 different positions, since there is 3 trinkets in BRF for every single specc, so they should not overlap.

I just thought i wanted to share this if anybody has been looking for something like it! I might look into making a dynamic group version of this if i get the time, and people want it.

This should basically give you an idea of how the auras look and work.

Heres the pastebin:

Hope this will proove useful to somebody!