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    WoW a good idea as a single player RPG experience?

    I ask this not as an actual thing, but as a sort of.. idea I've had. Long story short.. or long, I've played since BC and I was the player who.. read a quest here and there, did lore master when it came out without any real care, never looked at the environment much, and hardcore raided like it was a job. Did that till this expansion, then I did 2 100s, a few 90s and quit.

    I've been having an MMO itch but I also dont want to raid again so I figured, maybe I could see if the wow world has anything to experience. It's more of a thing for myself, but I was simply wondering if the world outside of current content still exists and is rich of stuff to read, absorb and notice. I'd be coming back guildless and I love RPGs, they're my favorite genre of game. But does WoW still have that? Or would it be like 90% fluff with occassional breaks of greatness?

    I kinda just wanted to roll.. somewhere, do loremaster while actually 'mastering' the lore, actually exploring the areas, looking for easter eggs or just nice places to screenshot that arent just raid pictures, and basically see wow wihtout worrying about raid content. Is it there? And is there a faction that is more.. lore true? Do both factions experience the lore truth just from different perspectives? I used to be horde for 2 expansions before I went alliance till current day.

    I kinda wanna learn the lore that actually matters and not just be a 1 - 100 who plays the game without knowing the world that was written for us. And yes, I know lore will probably contradict itself, etc, but in a very general sense, is it a worthwhile endeavor?
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    Well every alliances hated garrosh, now hes dead. Now every alliances want sylvanas head . Yeah I think sylvanas lore matter.

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