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    I'm still waiting for official word on the highly elusive and rare Pikablu.

    Been waiting since fifth grade.
    They were actually asked about Pikablu in the quick-fire interview. They said they knew nothing about it.
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    Mexico is already part of the USA so is Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post
    They were actually asked about Pikablu in the quick-fire interview. They said they knew nothing about it.
    Well yeah, it was just a late 90's elementary school lunchroom and Yahoo! chatrooms rumor. lol Someone saw a picture of Marill in a magazine or on the internet and started speculating that Marill would be called Pikablu.

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    Feraligatr ain’t getting any love here and it’s upsetting.
    Only ever used it in Pokemon Colosseum. Otherwise, my Gen 2 starter of choice is Chikorita/Meganium.

    I guess my favorite starter by Generation:

    • Gen 1: Blastoise
    • Gen 2: Meganium
    • Gen 3: Sceptile/Swampert (I love them equally)
    • Gen 4: Torterra
    • Gen 5: Emboar/Samurott (I love them equally)
    • Gen 6: Greninja
    • Gen 7: Decidueye
    • LGPE: Eevee
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppincaps View Post
    Gen 5's Pokemon are pretty... okay I mean there are some good designs, there are some bad designs. That's to be expected. I think my issue with the Pokemon is that there is not a single starter that I actually like and when comparing Gen 1 to Gen 5 side by side I'd say Gen 1 definitely wins that contest. Also the weird pixelated art style they went with looked bad. The endgame was pretty decent though. I just didn't like Gen 5 because you were basically stuck with only the Gen 5 Pokemon and there really aren't many iconic Gen 5 Pokemon. The ones I do like, I like quite a bit but there are a lot that I actually hate. That being said Scrafty is amazing.
    Gen 5 desings tend to skew tiwards the extrenes of Anazibg and Terrible. It is either good or bad. Mediocre are minority.

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    Sword for me probably, although shame that Tyranitar is in Shield

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