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    Sunbathing at work. HardLyf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful View Post
    Sunbathing at work. HardLyf
    Been doing that a few days in a row now At home though!
    Starting to get a little color at least, which I usually have a hard time to accomplish.
    Felt nice to get home from work and half sleep outside in the sun as well, with some ice cream to cool down with after as well.

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    Since I work outside most days I got half of my arms and legs very nicely tanned. But the top is pale white. Looks silly.

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    Joy needs to work topless

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    + 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanjori View Post

    Joy needs to work topless
    Yeah I should do that.

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    You should, dont want tan-lines now!

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    I got to tank Heroic BRF last night for the first time. Was my first time tanking this expansion and was fun Though I did kill everyone once on Throgar because I forgot about the split and moved too late. But he dropped my tier shoulders so that was a yay Now I can have my four piece without using the awfully optimized gloves.


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