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    [Lua]: Creating an AnimationGroup to be inherited


    I want to create an animation group like this:

    f.fadeOut = f:CreateAnimationGroup(nil, "MY_FadeOutTemplate");
    where f is a Frame. However I get this Lua error:

    :CreateAnimationGroup(): Couldn't find inherited node "MY_FadeOutTemplate"

    My XML file looks like this:

    <Ui xmlns="http://www.blizzard.com/wow/ui/">
    	<AnimationGroup name="MY_FadeOutTemplate">
    		<Alpha change="-1" duration="0.3" />
    		<Translation offsetX="0" offsetY="10" duration="0.3" />
    It never plays when it is triggered to do so (the execution is not the problem. I simply use f.fadeOut:Play()). I didn't think AnimationGroup's support the "virtual" attribute but I tried that anyway and that didn't work.

    Can anyone help me out?

    EDIT: http://wowprogramming.com/docs/widge...AnimationGroup

    Shows: animationGroup = Region:CreateAnimationGroup(["name" [, "inheritsFrom"]])

    so it can inherit from something but I don't know if AnimationGroup's can be inherited, and if so how?

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    EDIT: I think this is a Blizzard bug as AnimationGroup's do not seem to be able to be inherited even though there is an argument for it!

    I would still love to hear an explanation BUT..

    I got around this by creating a virtual Frame containing the animation group and inheriting that instead with the CreateFrame function but I don't understand how the CreateAnimationGroup's "inheritsFrom" parameter works because as far as I know you cannot inherit an AnimationGroup directly and have never seen anyone ever attempt to use this parameter like I have tried to do. Also there are no examples to learn from
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