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    Iron Reaver...3 Tanking or 2 Tanking

    On heroic Iron Reaver our tanks were saying they were having trouble swapping as the artillery debuff was still on them. They suggested 3 tanking. I have seen a few guilds 3 tanking...Is this intended?

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    There's practically no downside to 3-tanking it, since there is no DPS requirement on that encounter. If a strategy makes something easier and you are struggling, try it out.

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    I think our tanks just came to the conclusion that they shouldn't swap right away when they get the debuff, since they could get away quickly enough anyhow. The idea of 3-tanking did come to mind though, so just give it a go. If it makes it easier to handle that's a good thing.

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    We 3 tanked it as we found the debuff timer to be pretty tight on heroic. I would get the debuf, he taunts, i run away. He gets debuff, i taunt, he runs. I would then get the debuff and it would almost go off while he was still across the room waiting for his to go off. So, we just did a quick 3 tank rotation and 2 shot it after that.

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    most unnecessary 3 tank of all time

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    the tank that gets the 2nd in the set needs to realise that they dont need to immediatly run out when getting artilery
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    Not completely necessary. But a lot easier with 3.

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    After the first couple of attempts, we almost went with 3, but the tanks started figuring out the timing, so we stuck with 2 (DK/Monk)

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    As a Bear we managed to 2 tank it fine with a warrior co-tank, even though I'm 90% sure we did it completely wrong.

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    Is that expectation that 100% of the bombs will be killed? We had some trouble with that.

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    Just remember these two points then you'll 2 tank just fine:

    1. You don't need to run out straight away
    2. You don't need to run quite as far as you think

    A note: For the double artillery during blitz that happens once per ground phase, the 2nd tank doesn't have to taunt, just keep the boss aggroed onto the first tank to get Artillery. What will happen is that the first tank drops off their bomb while the boss is still zooming around, the 2nd tank gets targeted, 1st tank waits in position while 2nd tank drops theirs. No taunting required.

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    It's pretty easily 2-tankable. You only need to run out at 3-4 seconds even without a speed boost of some kind, so you can wait for the other tank to get back from getting hit by artillery. You can also taunt when you're at max range of your taunt and have the time to close the distance before the boss moves anywhere so just communicate with your cotank when you've got the boss again so they can run out. We each ran away to opposite sides of the boss for our artilleries because positioning on this boss is kind of stupid, mostly due to the random moonwalking during barrage. The artilleries are definitely not the hardest part of this fight, that would be the bomb phase. Dodge barrage/charge, handle artillery correctly, keep your tanks alive through the really high autoattack damage, kill bombs, spread 8 and cycle cooldowns for pummel, and you win.

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    The timer on dbm for artillery is a little misleading.

    You don't need to taunt as soon as the tank is targeted. Make sure your tanks are taunting and running off at the 6 seconds to go on the debuff. That 6 econds should be enough time to run 40 yards (have a range finder up it makes it very easy).

    Essentially. By the time the tank runs out gets hit run backs and taunts it should be around 6-7 seconds left on the debuff. You've got that time to turn and run. Then the other tank will be targeted and you run back in and taunt and he runs off.

    The only time I found it to be borderline was during the blast phase.

    Make sure your tanks taunt during that phase because when he finishes he will be kn a tank that is already running out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halbrium View Post
    Is that expectation that 100% of the bombs will be killed? We had some trouble with that.
    You can survive a bomb or two. Your healers won't like you for it however.

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    Same issue for us, didnt help one is a DK either, good job we have plenty of SR's to abuse.

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    I would then get the debuff and it would almost go off while he was still across the room waiting for his to go off.
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    Echoing others -- we had this problem at first too last night, and then our tanks started running away with maybe 5 seconds left on the debuff and that seemed to take care of the problem. Tank with debuff was still able to get far enough away, and then back in time to taunt.

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