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    its a drug, drugs make you feel good(i guess?), so you start doing them.
    its basically the same as alcohol, people only drink it because it makes you feel good and more open and because they cant function in a social circle without it.
    sucks for them...

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    Why do people bite their nails?

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    I knew someone who smoked because he thought it was a good way to initiate social contact with strangers (who were also smoking). At least in part. Perhaps some curiosity too, along with the typical hubris of "I'll just quit soon enough that it won't be a health issue".

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    it makes you look 10 times cooler. duh
    No, it makes you smell 10 times worse


    It is something irrational, yet people do it. It is a drug so that explains it

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    While I agree that smoking is a bad habit, I hate shit like that.
    Why do you do anything else than just breath and consume necessary amount of water and food to live?
    Propably a bad example, but same shit. Why do something that isn't necessary? Because it's enjoyable , "cool", makes you feel X, or something else. Who knows, who cares?
    But yeah, better be careful with smoking, you might die some day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwiez View Post
    I knew someone who smoked because he thought it was a good way to initiate social contact with strangers (who were also smoking). At least in part. Perhaps some curiosity too, along with the typical hubris of "I'll just quit soon enough that it won't be a health issue".
    Smoking is an even better way than ever to initiate a conversation since smoking indoors in pubs was banned. Almost all of the best conversations of a trip to the pub happen in the smoking area.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cuppy View Post
    you might die some day.
    You will die someday. Whether you smoke or not.

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    For me it was initially that it really felt good when drinking. I didn't really get addicted for years. I'd smoke maybe 3 during a party and then go about my week like I'd never smoked. Parties happend a bit more later in college and a lot of the friends I had made smoked. There was never any peer pressure, I didn't think it made me look cool. So eventually 3 a week became 10 a week, 10 a week turned into small cravings while sober, which turned into buying packs and there you had it, I was a smoker.

    I never disliked the taste, didn't care that others thought I may smell because well, I never really thought it smelled that bad around smokers before, so I didn't understand that others really hated it.

    I was young and invincible. I had energy, it wasn't affecting my exercise, my mind was as sharp as ever, and it wasn't really getting in the way. In addition, it was often an excuse to take a break at work even when it wasn't a scheduled break.

    Here I am at 29 now, 4 days into quitting (I actually have some willpower this time, I will never smoke again), and prior to 4 days ago I felt like crap every morning. My lungs were heavy, stairs winded me easily, my sex drive had decreased, and I was spending roughly $200 a month on something that just solved cravings. It no longer gave me a buzz, no longer made drinking feel better, it was just like taking a piss for no reason, just a natural reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwiez View Post
    I knew someone who smoked because he thought it was a good way to initiate social contact with strangers (who were also smoking). At least in part. Perhaps some curiosity too, along with the typical hubris of "I'll just quit soon enough that it won't be a health issue".
    I'll be honest, back in my early 20s, I would go to the bar, step outside for a smoke and ask the hot girl for a lighter, and initiate a conversation that way. I had many a hook-up from doing that.

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    Yeah, it doesn't have no effect. There isn't "no point", and that's coming from someone who has never smoked cigarettes/also hates being around people that smoke them.

    I want to say it was Stephen King who talked about after he quit he'd have writers block/couldn't focus. I think he worked past it but regardless it's a fact that nicotine is a stimulant and does have its benefits. It's just a more subtle effect to the outside observer compared to the substances we more refer to as "drugs" (even though nicotine, alcohol, etc. are too, most people don't think of them in the same way as cocaine/etc.). Definitely isn't worth the downsides though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zenkai View Post
    People start because they lack intelligence, there is no reason for a rational human being to start a habit that does nothing but make you stink and kill you. No one thinks you're cool for smoking they think you're gross.
    Which is exactly why some of the top minds in human history were smokers. Some of the best writers, scientists, doctors, and athletes of all time were avid smokers. Clearly we should completely discredit the work of Einstein, Stephen King, Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain, Frank Sinatra, Mel Gibson... the list goes on and on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ergar View Post
    There is no point. Ask pretty much anyone who has smoked for awhile if they could go back in time and not start smoking, would they? Pretty much everyone would say FUCK YES within a second. Costs a fuckton of money, makes your breath/clothes/hair smell like shit, makes X events not as enjoyable because you want to go for a smoke every once in a awhile and it's all you can think about. There are absolutely zero positive things about it, and yet more and more people start smoking.

    And those who say it relaxes them? It's the same thing as wearing 2 sizes too small shoes for the day, and when you finally take them off it's relaxing.
    If I could go back in time and decide again if I really wanted to smoke or not, I would make the same choice as I did then. Smoking has had its negative effects on me, but it has enriched my life and given me many experiences I would not have had otherwise. I pay just a bit more for cigs a month than I did for WoW, and honestly I found the money I spent on WoW to be far more a waste of my money than cigs have ever been.

    Really the end all is this: ||||

    For those too lazy or close-minded to look at the other side of the coin for themselves. Smoking is proven to make you more intelligent, have better reflexes, be more attentive and focused, help with controlling weight, improve endurance, improve memory and organization.

    Put another way: Smokers smoke and keep on smoking because their brains work better when they smoke. This is probably also the reason that it is hard to quit smoking. And since experimental animals in laboratories have shown similar results, there is no longer any doubt among scientists:
    Since the smoking bans at workplaces, there has also been a sharp decline in the productivity of workers.

    I am not going to be the one to say we should all start smoking, and certainly not force it on others. We all have our own personal human rights though, and if I want to smoke I shouldn't have people shouting at me how bad it is at all times... Every smoker knows this. It's been propaganda shoved down our throats for generations. How many people toting those pamphlets (many of them filled with exaggerations and falsehoods) know of the benefits of smoking? It is a very one-sided debate and is only such because one side has their eyes and ears closed.
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    It's the simple logic of a self-sustaining circle.

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    None, very good marketing at its inception, took a piggyride on 1st wave feminism (cause show those men who independent you are by making stupid decisions) and from there mostly peer pressure in schools and addiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntedmarsh View Post
    I tried and still trying, it annoys him pretty much. I sometimes distance myelf from him, as i hate the smell of cigarettes
    give him a new addiction like sleeping with women or math

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    Work is tough, you need a smoke break. Also theres nothing like a cigarette after a work well done.
    Anyway i quited from a pack a day for 6 years. Raw will power! Im proud of myself... No pain no gain, you pass the pain with shear will. Do you have what it takes or will you break like a whore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonecloak View Post
    There's a big chance he's addicted to something else as well. Smoking is a lot of times a enhancer to other things. Pain pills, weed, beer.
    Whahaha. What is this shit? You high or just extremely biased? Source?

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    About 2 years ago I had the very same questions and, because everyone I asked had mostly different answers many of which didn't make much sense to me, out of curiosity I vowed to smoke for 6 months and find out myself. I did it secretly because doing otherwise would have been embarrassing as I'm not a very young person. So, despite all that I read I figured I'd try it anyway.
    Needless to say, it wasn't long before I knew I was addicted, HAVING to smoke almost immediately upon awakening. I even needed to smoke in the middle of the night, getting up from sleep for a couple.
    Now, almost 2 years later, I smoke around 1 and a half packs a day and had to go through the embarrassment of admitting it to everyone I know.
    I believe that the answer to your question is very personalized and varies a bit from individual to individual but, having stated this, my reasons are:
    Smoking relieves the tension brought on by not smoking (addiction) but the relief is so nice that it becomes a powerful motivation to smoke.
    Smoking becomes associated with lots of activities and, so, these activities feel odd (like something is missing) without smoking. In other words, eventually it becomes a strong and much needed habit.
    I remember when I really...REALLY started looking forward to smoking, usually after I was in a place where smoking wasn't allowed. This is sort of like the addictive tension reliever it became but, in a certain sense, a more enhanced pleasure sort of like looking forward to drinking cool water after being very thirsty for too long.
    Because smoking is banned in many places, it has become an easy way to meet others (who smoke of course) since it feels like a club of sorts and they are found often in bunches in predictable areas typically. I usually enjoy the meeting and conversations.
    Smoking also plays tricks on one's mind (addiction again) and, through the process of rationalization, allows for a more open mind in certain ways (not being as judgemental of others since having a smoking addiction can do wonders for one's insistence on perfection in others). I wanted to quit after 6 months and thought it would be easy but, after finding out that I really can't quit (or, maybe, don't really want to now that I see how much I like it, addiction talking or not) I'm easily able to rationalize away the dangers I once was completely convinced of. Okay, I'll say it: I LOVE smoking and never had a clue as to what that meant when I occasionally heard or read others who stated this.

    So, if you don't understand the point of smoking, try it for 6 months and then see if you still don't understand it. Beware, though, that you may find out and end up smoking for a longer time, maybe even for the rest of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgettable View Post
    Why do people bite their nails?
    Because they advanced from thumb sucking which, like nail biting, is a major tension reliever, etc.

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    Personally I was a bouncer, at a night club. Not a hard job, but walking around the place for 8 hours I kinda wanted a break. I then noticed that the only mother fuckers who got breaks were the smokers. Next day went out and bought a pack of cigarettes.

    Also saw this happen to a lot of my military friends where they would take up the habit in tech school or boot camp. Just to have those few moments to themselves, and not be under constant scrutiny.

    There is a camaraderie that exists with smokers at the work place, that just typically doesn't exist in the break room.
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