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    Streaming once again today, 11am to 3pm EST.
    Upper half of HFC today. Starting at Xhul'horac. Yay, kiding Voidfiends.

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    Streaming Mythic Archimonde today! Already started! Raiding until 3pm EST!
    Come check us out! Recruiting all solid raiders for Mythic content in WoD and in Legion!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Streaming more Mythic Archimonde (would be our 2nd kill) today! Had a 1% wipe yesterday and many sub 10% wipes. Hopefully we clean things up and finally get our second kill. We did a guild rebuild after our first kill, so this is good progress for us! Raiding at 11am to 3pm EST!

    We're recruiting all solid raiders for Mythic content in Legion. Post an application at

    - - - Updated - - -

    We ended up killing Archimonde fairly early. Here's a video of our 2nd kill from my POV.

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    I'm live !

    Morning chill ! Coffey and Music !

    Planning Suramar quest + HC Dungeon.
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    Proud Hunter since Vanilla
    Progress raider since Burning Crusade

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    Streaming right now. General Streamtimes 16/17:00 - open end (Europe Time)

    Nightbane, EN & TOV HC later - Beastmaster only on

    Edit: Streaming some random stuff right now.
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    heroic nighthold 5 bosses down so far

    890 bm hunter live again
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    907 Beast mastery hunter live. Speed clearing NH normal and doing some keys. Also raiding tonight! Twitch user name: yolo_swagfish

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    905 Survival Hunter streaming all raids, invasions, WQs, and high M+

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    I put up a little guide on how to do the class challenge for MM hunters. Hope it is of some help

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    908 Survival Hunter. 7.2 Grind and then Mythic Star Augur Progression later with some ESEA Counter Strike PUGs.
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    BM hunter stream, hop by follow if u like cheers

    on twitch just type /exerlol ... im new to mmo-champ so i cant post links yet

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    I wanted to make a video guide now that there is finally some downtime. I'm sure for some this is a little too late to be useful but if you get the time to watch it I would love some feedback! Is it too long? Does it cover everything? What could I do to improve these kinds of videos in the future?
    I would love to make more of these videos for other specs but it takes a while to get comfortable enough with the spec and get tier sets so that I feel confident explaining how to play. Thanks for taking the time to read this and watch the video. :D

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    BM Hunter ATM. 8/10M Will continue to update with kills

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    Solo the butcher mythic, didnt saw any video on youtube making this boss so made a video. Is probably a world 1st but isnt to hard for a hunter. For other classes might be impossible for now.

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    <Focus Up> - Stormrage 4/9M 922-929 Survival Hunter

    - - - Updated - - -

    <Focus Up> - Stormrage 4/9M 924-929 Survival Hunter Raid Starts in 30min

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