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    Alliance <A> Catalyst Elite - Frostmourne - 13/13H HFC LF RDPS for Mythic

    13/13 Normal HFC 13/13 Heroic Hellfire
    Raid Times - 7.30pm server time (AEST) - 11.30 PM, Monday and Wednesday

    Server - Frostmourne
    Faction - Alliance
    In Game Contact - Atighe, Damo or Vi
    The best time to get us is during raid times as shown below. The social side of the guild is active but there's a chance we will be on alts if it's not during raid.
    Roles needed - DPS (Ranged)

    Raid Times - 7.30pm server time (AEST) - 11.30 PM

    10/14M Soo Pre nerf
    1/7M Highmaul
    1/10M BRF
    12/13 HFC normal - to date
    11/13 HFC Heroic

    More information:
    We are looking for good quality raiders for our progression through HFC heroics and into Mythic. The guild has been around since classic and has been consistently raiding since then. The group is light hearted and easy going but everyone is motivated to push as far as we can in Mythic.

    Raiders need to come prepared, flasks, potions and a solid understanding of encounters is a must. ILVL of 675 is also required and good progress on the legendary chain. We don't have much time to raid and as such we need our raiders to show up on time and put in 100% effort. Raiders need to be mature, know the fights and be able to take constructive criticism and improve from week to week.

    Currently we are full on Tanks and Healers and the preferred range is a Moonkin but all ranged are welcome.

    We look forward to seeing you in game.

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    Still looking for ranged. Now that our core team are back from leave and moving we can get down to progression again.

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    Still looking for ranged. Guild repairs for Raiders.

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    Any ranged out there looking for a new home?

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    Still looking for ranged. Everyone seems to have a home at the moment though.

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    We are progressing well at the moment. Full clear up to 5 and another down this week with one more raid to go. We need to lock in some range for mythic progression.

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    One more down and still looking for ranged DPS.

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    2 more ranged required to fill out our raid team in preparation for mythic

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    2 more ranged still required before we start mythic progression.

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    Expecting to have Tyrant Down next week which leaves only Mannoroth and Archimonde before Mythic progression can start. Still looking for ranged but good melee will be considered.

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    Still looking for more - About to start mythic progression but would prefer not to have to pug.

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    Heroic mannoroth down and final phase of Archimonde - Mythic will start as soon as we can get the numbers.

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    Heroic Archi down need two ranged and we are ready for mythic.

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    Still waiting for the last two ranged dps so that we can start mythic.

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    We got a shadow priest and a Lock this week. We need one more and we will be ready for mythic on wednesday night. Mail me in game or post a comment here and we will arrange a raid slot.

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    Mythic beckons all we need is one more ranged DPS. We will gear you up as long as you show interest and can play your class well.

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    Come and join us for brand new Mythic progression. All ranged DPS welcome.

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