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    Horde Random BG's

    Started doing PVP again today and noticed a pattern.. Aside from losing almost all games it usually went like this

    Randomplayer1: Oh another bad horde team - Within 1 min of the game.

    Keep an eye on the scoreboard and on multiple occasions it seems that a player or multiple players will accuse the team of being bad and then just go afk and not contribute further until we lose, over and over and over again. I'm not well geared on my hunter, entry expansion 675pvp blues and a few bits of 690 conquest and a new 715 blue weapon... Yet in almost all games I am top of horde damage, kills and contribution.

    But I don't say this to brag, because we are getting slaughtered and I don't feel like I'm doing much useful when I'm getting gangbanged left right and centre and my damage feels weak. It's just that nobody else is even trying, they just blame others and accept defeat almost as soon as the game begins, and as a result the horde never even stands a chance because nobody will even try.

    When I last played early on in the expansion it was not like this, I was winning a lot of games, slightly more than I was losing.
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    Defeatist mentality is so strong among this community that it ruins the game for everyone. You see this on Alliance, you see it in Ashran, you see it on every fansite ever. It doesn't help that everyone wants to be in and out ASAP, they focus on efficiency and they want gearing to be over so they just want to sit in arena all day.

    Being defeatist also affects your gameplay negatively, so yeah lose for everyone regardless

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    Remember if the game is lost and yr gonna get gyard farmed its better that its over in 4 mins then 29 mins. Your not getting a strong box anyway, just consolation honor. I used to just leave the bg and log an alt to play until deserter debuff went, but thats not viable now given that 70% of horde bgs are lost and I need the honor to gear.

    The only real solution is to find alternate ways to gain honor to gear, but blizzard seem intent on removing those to force us into ashran. So yeah take your beatings and head in toilet dunkings like a man or faction switch. Those are the hordes choices. Can you blame people for wanting the humilations to be over quickly?

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    Horde bg's haven't that terrible for me. It's like you'll sometimes get thrown in a WSG against a team of alliance tryhards and get raped and then the next game, you face undergeared rerolls that suck at the game and have no tryhards to carry them.

    This week on my DK I'm 7-4 this week. Most of my wins have been because Alliance has too many players only caring about kills instead of the objective.

    I also don't play during peak hours. I play late around 11pm-2am EST time so my experiences may be different because of the time I play.

    If people don't believe me, I'll download that addon that tracks bg results and screenshot it.

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    I like how horde are engaging in "Ashran fishing".

    (1) Enter Ashran and instantly get into an instance.

    (2) Discover horde is doing badly in the instance.

    (3) Make a snide remark and run out.

    (4) Wait 30 sec. for the instance lock to fall off, and go back to 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightgerbil View Post
    70% of horde bgs are lost and I need the honor to gear.
    Get honor elsewhere, for example farming treasures in Ashran. It's faster and less sanity-breaking than random BGs.
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    When I'm playing PVP, while it is also to get gear I'm mostly there as it's an easy way to spend 15/30/60 minutes and when those games go well I have a blast, at the start of the expansion I was having a complete blast. But today has just put a downer on it for me, because often enough we simply lose purely because people won't even try.. And the attitude of players, where they blame everyone else for what they have decided is a lost game and then proceed to just afk for the game.

    In most cases (not all of course) the biggest complainers are the weakest contributers, and all they do is shout abuse at people and then almost as if to spite everyone they purposely avoid contributing.. It's very annoying, I'm not playing to gear up for Arena (i'd just do Arena if I wanted to do that)... It's more akin to me logging into a COD style FPS game and just doing a few games for the fun of it.. WoW BG's are this to me, but I guess that viewpoint is not shared among the majority.

    I don't play on Alliance so I don't know how it's like, but I'm told that the majority of PVP'ers have gone Alliance for Arena reasons and so the Horde player pool is weaker by default, which could have some sense to it... But half the time the biggest problem is the lack of willingness to even try.
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    The other night I ran randoms first on my alliance druid then on my horde hunter. Both have PVP gear, though the druid's is better.

    Both characters won 1/3 of their games. The only difference is I had to wait 12 mins on Alliance and 30 seconds on Horde. I personally am not seeing a huge difference in win rates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaenux View Post
    Defeatist mentality is so strong among this community that it ruins the game for everyone. You see this on Alliance, you see it in Ashran, you see it on every fansite ever. It doesn't help that everyone wants to be in and out ASAP, they focus on efficiency and they want gearing to be over so they just want to sit in arena all day.

    Being defeatist also affects your gameplay negatively, so yeah lose for everyone regardless
    Great post and pretty much sums up the last 7 years of the game.

    The sad part is that, even once they get the gear they're looking for, they never actually play competitively. They go game-to-game hoping to stomp some lower geared opponent.

    I never saw it before, but I definitely see more validity in gear elitism.

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    And here I thought people called the Alliance pansies :P

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    About the "defeatist" topic.. sometimes it is just better to get the BG over and done with, speeding up the loss.

    If there is only 1 healer on your team and he decides to go and cap and "defend" mines/lh while his team gets slaughtered ww, it is very safe to assume that you can't count on the healer to do anything useful all game long. If you see your team repeatedly cap something and then completely abandoning the point, things are looking bleak. If you see a big chunk of your team fighting on the road for 5 minutes while not having more points/flags/whatever, yeah. Or perhaps you see your entire team fighting at a healthy yellow gate with 4 demos just sitting there ignored. Even simple things like if your team at the start of a DwG spreads out over top and bot mines ignoring mid, and experienced random BGer knows that the odds of winning just went down considerably. The list goes on really, and eventually a bit of instinct and a glimpse at the map will reveal a lot.

    Of course there is the rare occasion where the enemy team turns out to be even worse, so you always want to give it some time and see what they are doing. Fact remains though that a big chunk of all random BGs are lost within the first few minutes and then drag on for another 15-20. Thankfully things aren't as bad as they used to be with BGs like WSG detoriating into GY farming for god knows how long.

    You get a lot of argumentative optimists, but they are frequently wrong and simply looking to start something on the internet. Usually have terrible map awareness themselves too. This is coming from someone with a largely solo 70-80% winrate in random BGs on a horde rogue. To be fair a lot of it is from previous expansions, but even in WoD I don't see a huge difference in winrates as horde, I do however see a big difference when I am on my alliance healers whos winrate is quickly climbing.
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    I had the same thought a few months ago, loosing many times at random bg's, so i decided change faction.

    Dude, after moving to opposite faction, i still loosing too, lol...

    Both factions have bad and good players, win only depends if you have luck in get a good team of randoms, eheh
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    Its equal on both sides i have 2 Spriest both have the exact same gear one is horde one is alliance yesterday i won a shit load on horde and lost on alliance now watch ill play today lose a ton on horde and win on alliance its equal just depends on your randoms your with OR que premade (makes huge difference) if your in a 10 man and 5 have voice comms together and are pushing for the win your most likely going to win the match unless the other team is just full roflstomp more geared then you are.

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    I'm actually above 50 % win on my main Not tremendously much, but still! Did 3-0 today even. (As horde)

    And yes, people do have this "oh its over" attitude, which is annoying. There was one today, actually, but eh. I don't pay attention to them, and I just do my things.
    It's not over unless they blast through SotA in 2 mins or are farming us.

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    I've played alliance since TBC and in all my years playing I have never seen a time where alliance won most BGs outside of IoC and AV. WSG and TP are nearly always a lose.

    The statistics show that it should be above 50% but I dont seem to be getting into those groups! I try to get most of my conquest from ashran but sometimes venture into BGs and maybe getting lucky with IoC or AV

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