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    Quote Originally Posted by Circled View Post
    2 options here.

    1. They are DR immune
    2. You can't aim
    1. They couldn't be DR immune, since, as a hunter, you cant use these things often enought o cause them to become DR immune
    1A. Knockbacks (explosive trap) do not DR
    2. They are right on top of me, so planting the trap IN THEIR SPRITE isn't exactly hard.

    Try again.

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    Ysera-us come play on my server ill turn off your force

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    Good news guys!

    I am working on a THIRD pvp movie,
    it will be added in some days, be patient my fans.
    This time it's together with another outstanding rogue.
    The force never stops! It has awakened!

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    480p? IVE DONE IT! ive travelled 10 years back in time!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnydee View Post
    480p? IVE DONE IT! ive travelled 10 years back in time!!!
    I expected to hear more Disturbed music with dat 480p hehe

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    Is this some parody? I mean, somewhere there must be a good rogue, playing arena or rated battlegrounds, with good music, making some high-quality videos, and sometimes mentioning weird catch-phrases like "The force!" just for some giggles...

    And then comes this OP, with the oposite of that.

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    Self promoting videos is not allowed here.

    Closing this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dyra View Post
    Because what they are atm are plait tugging, sniffing, glaring, prissy, clothes obsessed bitches who I would quite cheerfully drown.
    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
    All I would ever want and need is a hug.

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