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    They prob want to fix hybrids healing with this change.

    Poor fix on an already poor design which will screw up even more a couple of specs that already have more than few issues to compete at a decent level (hello dpriest and mwmonks, we all feel for you)


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    Rets self healing and shadow priests will suffer the most.

    Rets have good off healing/partner healing, but poor self healing, where spriest are just a meatshield for any comp where they don't have a mage/rogue peeling for them 24/7.

    But i agree, heals needed to be toned down, but not as a blanket, since some affect others greatly, and others don't even notice it.

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    From personal experience (and no it's not at any high level ) the only healer I have trouble against (playing rogue / dpriest) is the holy paly, on both my chars I hate facing them, they seem to be able to run around casting denounce and still out heal any damage I / my partners might do.

    The other healers however never seem to be much of a problem....

    So (personally) not sure how this will fix anything, hpaly's will still be better than the others ./shrug

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    They surely cba to nerf holy palas and ferals/shamans (at least) on their healing only in PvP so they blanket nerf by 15% all healings and absorbs. Great design for sure. Everybody says it's for dampening but you don't see dampening as Disc (not speaking for other healers as I don't really know). So another nice PvP fix from Blizzard who instead of fixing healer balance just decides to butcher everything, as always.

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    This was needed. Very happy about this. If you complain about this your probably not good enough to adapt.

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    this was definitely needed, healing was super high for all healers this expac (dont hate this post if you play in rat league sub 2k)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nofo View Post
    this was definitely needed, healing was super high for all healers this expac (dont hate this post if you play in rat league sub 2k)
    Not needed for all healers at all with some current spec design. And that's not because you achieved 2k during WoD that above 2k isn't rat league, heh.

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    Yay great change to screw up hybrids who rely on self heals to survive.

    Another blanket nerfs to shit on weak specs just because they don't want to separate pve and pvp.
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    Healers are the reason i rarely play Arena nowadays, so this will help with that. But this sucks for Ret paladins. Going from bad to complete garbage after this fix.
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    Too little too late. Grats Blizz on another fail as usual.

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    Good change. Healers are way too strong.

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    They should have started with a carefull 50% permanent nerf, to not overdo it. The fact that dampening exists in arena is already proof enough, that healing is completely out of control and has been since the first expansion pack. They say they balance for 3v3, yet even 3v3 games go into high dampening.

    Is a single healer balanced to survive 2 DPS specs + a healer helping them up to 50% dampening? It's a joke but it's reality.

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    It's only going to make the strong healers stronger and the weak healers weaker. It'll also destroy whatever hybrid utility healing any of the classes who needed it have left and increase the importance of crowd control even more.

    Not to mention it's going to completely demoralize any new players wanting to start playing a healer in PvP.

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