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    What would you think of this?

    So I love when a new battleground comes out, to me that is just as exciting as a new dungeon or even raid, but adding more battlegrounds on top of the surplus we already have would most likely increase the already horrible que times.

    So, how would you feel if Blizzard put up a pull asking for peoples least favorite battlegrounds, they remove the 3 bgs that everyone hates (dont put vanilla ones in there) and replaced them with 1 bg an xpac, that way we get a new battleground for the next 3 expansions. On paper I like this idea (It was told to me not my own) but I feel like it wouldn't really fix anything as it is.

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    I'd rather they made rewards for winning and losing a BG more equal so it's actually fun. If you're losing hard moral of the team drops by a metric shit tonne but if the rewards are more equal people are more motivated to play and keep playing since they don't feel like they're wasting their time in a losing bg.

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