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    Question Has anyone re-subbed based on what they seen?

    Has anyone re-subbed based on what they seen at Gamescon?

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    Why would anyone resub to the current expansion based on what is going to be in the next? I'm not being snarky, I'm genuinely curious if there is a reason.

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    Not at all, come November my sub will run out for at least 3 months or so. Unless I get into the Beta of course.

    I'm paid to November with Gold.

    Just because Legion might be awesome, currently there is bugger all to do in WoD.

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    No. I don't know why I would play WoD since I didn't like it just because the next expansion looks like it has potential.

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    No, Im subbed for garrisons, but it made me decide I most likely will stop using tokens once expansion approaches, so opposite way :P

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    No. Lets see beta, then decide what to do.

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    No point resubbing yet, we're not even at beta.
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    Gave my gold to a guildee.

    Not playing until Legion is out at the earliest, and even then I'm waiting to see how Legion is different from WoD before I bite.
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    I'll pay with money again when Legion hits but until then: gold token it is!

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