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    WoW Down to 5.6 Million Subscribers

    WoW Down to 5.6 Million Subscribers
    Blizzard has their Q2 2015 earnings call today, announcing that WoW is down to 5.6 million subscribers at the end of Q2 2015. This is down 1.5 million from the Q1 2015 call that listed WoW at 7.1 million subscribers.

    • Tokens are included in this timeframe, as they launched in Q2.

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    I am Murloc!
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    Somewhat predictable results, although more "ouch" than expected -_-
    This being said, they walked on way too much rakes in WOD, the biggest 2 being lack of open-world content (aka raid or die) and numerous "no fly" contradictory communications.

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    Not even a little surprised. If I didn't already have a raid team I'd have left months ago.

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    Groovy, I wonder what the hop for the new expansion will be and how long that will last

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    They'll spike back to >10M with each expansion, doubt they are too worried. This does explain the new strat of one expansion per year, no doubt.

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    thought it would be around 5m. just wait .. we still got a year before next expac. gonna be a ghost town!

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    Not unexpected. There have been a number of issues in this expansion that made me consider quitting, but I will admit I'm still enjoying myself, as unfashionable as it is to admit that.

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    never more relevant D:
    tell them only that...

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    Time to go back to Vanilla and BC DO IT BLIZZARD

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    Unbalanced PvP, and 20 man only Mythic is mainly what went wrong with WoD. Arena participation was almost at half a million last expansion and now it's barely 40k. There's also the fact that every small PvE guild is dying due to not being able to progress up to mythic because of limited rosters.

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    Hopefully now they will either make the game f2p or stop flooding us with e-shop stuff that taps developer's time from things that could actually go into our already subscription-based game.

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    Classes gimped to 3 buttons, Garrisons and no balance fixing through the entire expansion.

    I'm surprised it's not below 4M.

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    Not surprised, the world feels dead, even trade chat is quiet on my server.

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    I figured it would only be 700k at worst. Gob smacked it lost so many.

    I guess being stuck in the Garrison and not having to go to a town/cross faction area made me oblivious to just how many were leaving, In the past you could notice the drops by how many people were in say stormwind or Dalaran. These days i just login at my Garrison and get a summon to the raid and don't bother with pvp and the only pve i have done was for my flying and that didn't take long.

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    Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and Destiny combined now have more than 70 million registered players.
    That is a LOT. Wonder how many people playing HotS specifically though

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    Would be interesting to see earnings plotted like this, one would think with paid character re-customization, paid xfters, game time tokens, mounts, et al that they could be getting more $$ now out of fewer people.

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    The sad part is, with the expansion still being so far out, there will be even more drops in Q3.

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    Also isn't the mass 500k account bannings withing this quarter's time frame? Im sure some of them made new accounts and sub'd but that must've played some sort of sub number factors too in the drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaithis View Post
    They'll spike back to >10M with each expansion, doubt they are too worried. This does explain the new strat of one expansion per year, no doubt.
    That's optimistic. WoD had a lot of hype before launch, I doubt a 10 M sub spike every expac is going to happen, especially after this one.

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    Well my prediction was way wrong. Thought the tokens would be a bigger deal, but than again I guess the only people who can afford 40-50k gold per month are people who already play the game a lot.

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