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    Quote Originally Posted by unlockedz View Post , don't know how to add them separately.
    Look Ok-ish but not sure if the item color really match as the zone you took the picture have a really dark light setting, so i would recommend to try to take this picture in another area (and closer), like in the Zandalari city (the skybox have no real light setting with different colors or anything, so it should do the trick)

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    This is me, I really enjoy this set and i rarely see anyone else wearing it.

    I do switch my weapons every now and then

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    Im giving a shot at the no shoulder mogs so i would love your opinions on this

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    Finally got the Warglaives of Azzinoth. Really need to get the mythic version of this armor set though.
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    i have got prtty the same trasmog with my blood elf just w8ing few item dropz

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    Using the Miststalker set (green gear)
    The waist is so cool.
    The feet are also cool, reminds me of Monster Hunter.
    Could probably mix some other pieces to replace some others but i dont care atm.

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    Found a new combo with Miststalker set

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    MogIt probably.
    We're going to be able to hide chest, bracers, and gloves soon™.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Chozo View Post
    Humans Paladins don't have "a lot of lore" behind them.

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    I'm a pirate. And I'm really happy about that
    step into everything will gief ya nothing, mon

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    - - - Updated - - -

    I am a pirate too, don't like the War Glaives as they sit to high on the chars back. Still trying different weapons for a more pirate-y look.

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    Going for a cleaner, less cluttered look...

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