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    Demon Hunter Answers & Resources - READ THIS FIRST!

    Please, please, please -- before you start a new thread, check and see if your question is answered within one of the linked resources below! If you ask a question that blatantly has an answer in a stickied thread, you'll most likely be directed there anyways and you're contributing to yucky board clutter. We must have the fanciest board to win the Fanciest Board of 2017™ championship, and we're just *determined* to bring that trophy home.

    All jokes aside, if you can't take the time to search the board (or at the very least this post) for an answer then you can't expect people to take the time to help. As a person with a question, your responsibility is to make sure that question isn't already answered here somewhere. If not, then there are tons of great people here ready and willing to help.

    Please keep Havoc DPS related questions/concerns ("Why is my DPS low?" or "Which one of these should I use?" or "Why is simcraft saying so and so is better?") in the "fix my DPS" thread located here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...EAD-FIRST-POST

    Demon Hunter Chat: If you're interested in the chatting via the Demon Hunter IRC, expand to view the text below and learn how to join.
    If you use IRC, the Demon Hunter class IRC is up and running already! Over the course of beta, it'll be a good place for theorycrafting, general questions, and chat about the newest World of Warcraft hero class. Please follow rules of common decency. Be polite, don't flame other people, etc.

    Server: irc.coldfront.net port 6667 or 8080
    Channel: #TheBlackTemple

    If you don't know what that means, but still want to chat in the Demon Hunter IRC, try these two in-browser options:

    1. Mibbit, a browser based IRC client: www.mibbit.com/chat. This client allows you to connect to whichever server you want, so you'll have to select Server, type Coldfront, choose your nickname, and then type in TheBlackTemple as your channel name.
    2. Coldfront's own IRC client: http://www.coldfront.net/tiramisu/. Pick your nickname, and then type /join #TheBlackTemple once you're connected.

    Demon Hunter Discords:

    There are two DH Discords. Neither is better than the other, they just have different/unique communities.

    "Mardum": https://discord.gg/0enuZ4FBFlxVCokS
    "The Fel Hammer": https://discord.gg/zGGkNGCp

    Havoc Resources:

    Wordup's Havoc Demon Hunter Google Doc:

    Demon Hunter "Fix my DPS!" discussion:

    Havoc trinket comparison/rankings Google Doc (Spreadsheet):
    (Maintained by: https://twitter.com/Kibz0k -- thanks!)

    Vengeance Resources:

    Munkkys Vengeance Demon Hunter Guide Google Doc:

    Video Guides:

    Misc Resources:

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    If you think a thread (or even an external tool/resource) should be added to this sticky, please feel free to PM me or another Demon Hunter moderator. Remember that the goal is for new posters to read this post first; as long as your suggestion is genuinely relevant in that regard it should be acceptable.

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