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    Archimonde - Ping pong strat?

    I, fool that I am, decided to try pugging Archimonde today. I figured that even if I hadn't done it before I had a good gearscore, my completed ring, and I'd gone over three different strat guides to prepare myself. Ha! After taking half an hour to find a pug that would give me the time of day without an achieve to link, I was promptly kicked when I uttered the words "What's the ping pong strat? I don't know that one."

    If I get another episode of masochistic impulses and try pugging again, I figure I ought to avoid asking that question again. However, so far all I've been able to find with searches of Google and this forum are people debating the merits of circles vs ping pong. Nothing on what ping pong actually IS. Could anyone either explain or link me to a guide (written or video) as to what it is and how it's done?

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    Hell if I know. And I've had AOTC for weeks. I guess I would have been kicked too. PUG life.

    My guess is that it means running back and forth between 2 markers to deal with the allure of flames ability, rather than running in any other pattern.

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    The 2 strats I've seen are the run-back-and-forth strat, normally used on normal (Guessing this is the Ping Pong strat?), and the run in circles around the room strat that my group uses on heroic. The last part of the strats is cheesing the portals but that is normally not needed on normal unless you have low dps and then I would recommend just sacing a group.
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    I managed to gather from the description of a youtube video that it has something to do with 6 or 8 markers and moving back and forth with Doomfires and Allures. But the video didn't actually show the strat in use, and I'd much rather having a more concrete idea if what's involved before I stick my toe back in the pug pool. Or, in hopefully not too many more weeks, before my own guild progresses that far ourselves and I consider putting it into use myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroAvix View Post
    The 2 strats I've seen are the run-back-and-forth strat, normally used on normal (Guessing this is the Ping Pong strat?), and the run in circles around the room strat that my group uses on heroic.
    That does sound about right. All the guides I read were talking circles, but if back-and-forth is the standard for Normal I need to know more about it. Any tips or links?

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    I don't have our first kills video anymore, but I'll see if I can find it. Basically, you setup 4 markers in a big square formation, 2 for melee, and 2 for ranged. When he casts Allure of Flames and the circles appear, everyone runs over to their other marker. Handle the mechanics at that marker, and on the next Allure, you run back to where you started. Rinse and repeat forever. Once you get to Nether Banish phase, tanks just take the black holes out a bit and drop them away from the raid, and everyone is lightly spread in that phase anyways so the markers become irrelevant.
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    yellow = melee/boss

    green = range/healers

    purple= where doomfire fixate runs to

    you start on left. Allure happens, you run to right and range/healers spread out near Green. After shadowfel you stack on green.

    Repeat 3-4 times until p2, when you all stack on yellow. You just pretend green marker doesn't exist in p2. You move as one big unit. Move back and forth 3-4 times on allures until p3.

    p3 happens, whatever side you're on is the side where you stay. Boss usually moves near the middle as banishes push you further and further towards the middle of the room

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    In the most simplest words without using any pictures or videos.. You run between two points between every Allure of Flame.

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    You never done garrosh? That had a ping pong strat. But what other 3 strats did you read? I didnt think there were that many variations

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