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    yes reddit is the bastion of everything sane and pinnacle of balance designing

    'just ban hero' didn't really work for Garrosh, did it?
    not sure what reddit has to do with garrosh, that issue lies completely on Blizzard for releasing such a boring and one dimensional hero who was horrible to play with and against, as indicated by his ban rate

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    What do you think about new maps? I think they are rushed so hard. This new map (god bless not in hero league toration atm) is like the worst they outed since warhead. Hanamura was great I think - it's what the game is currently is about. instead of fixing hanamura they managed to make every map into hanamura.

    I would love 1 map per year - good, tested and not trash.
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    I played HotS & HS all day, besides lying on the couch watching youtube...then 10 mins before the store closed (20:50) i managed to get out of the house (there was snow, apparently it was snowing since 5pm) to buy some cheese for my pasta. I ate my pasta with tomato sauce & cheese in front of the pc playing was i can play again some HotS.

    Reminds me of the good old days full of wasted time when i had holidays from uni. Nowadays i have kids & wife and days like this happen maybe once a year. Its good & bad

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    This game for me is so much fun ..but what for me killing the fun ? Solo Q and MM its not like a dota 2 in dota i feel i can win game solo i can help teammates and if someone is a troll still is a chance for a win.

    Here i dont know if this game is dead or blizz just give up or dont know dont feel a standart what blizz offering from their games

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    Just beat MFPallytime in a mirror match, blaze vs blaze. Been watching his videos for years and absolutely love his content, so felt so great to go toe to toe with him in an actual game!
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    Super jealous!
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    Nobody here mentioned the hidden dominance of LILI! Look hotslogs if you don't believe me.
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    Finally my first legendary MVP. Naturally as Murky.

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    Well on my way to reaching my goal of level 1700 before the end of the year. Currently up to level 1653, after having reached 1600 a couple of months ago.
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