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    I try to avoid pvp pet battles because i usually get matched terribly and either all my pets are vulnerable to or their pets take reduce damage from mine :/ Even if i get evenly matched it all goes through the window if i miss or they are using OP pets/ moves :S

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    I collect pets and do battling stuff regularly, but I have yet to do even a single pet PvP battle. I don't like normal PvP, and the pet battling system is full of BS as it is, so PvP pet battling would just be awful.

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    I love Pokemon, but I can't get into WoW Pokemon. And I've never been a fan of Pokemon PVP anyways, so its pretty hard for me to get into WoW Pokemon PVP

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    I didn't do much with non-PvP pets, so I'm sure I'd get utterly crushed with PvP pets. It all seems so pointless, too.

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    Never got into PvP pokemon, so I guess that goes in-hand with pet battle PvP. Never been good at it, I just don't 'get' it I guess.:/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exploitbat View Post
    I don't really like the idea of the game selecting random pets for us. Then people would just cheese it and only have a bunch of OP pets active while collectors will have all their bad and good pets active.
    See the way that Arena works in Hearthstone is that it provides you with a selection of cards. They may be cards that you *do not own*, so maybe a Legendary card or something like that. It's random.

    I'm more talking about it being like that for PetPVP - you get 3 pets, randomly generated. You might be lucky enough to get a Lil Ragnaros or a Val'kyr - even if you don't own one.

    This basically takes care of the people who would try to rig the system.

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    I never was into pokemon, and pet battles are just boring to me when we have pvp,pve, with our WoW characters to do. Just boring and time consuming when there are way too many other things to do in game. I play WoW to play WoW, not Pokemon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rioo View Post
    Did my first PvP battles ever this week because it was the weekly event. Honestly it was so boring. Used the same 3 pets for all fights, did exactly the same sequence of actions every time and won all my 5 battles.

    WoW is a MMORPG, and it can be really fun when playing with other people in dungeons, raids, arena and BGs. If I want to collect pets and use them to battle I'll play a game which excels at that, which I'm guessing is Pokemon.
    You can pet battle in raid instances? I've tried plenty times, and it always says "cannot perform this action" or "you're in the wrong zone".

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    I did not start playing WOW to also play Pokemon, sorry never into it and will never will be.

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    I dont do the pvp pet battles:
    a) because its stupid
    b) there's a new FoTm comp every time new pets are released and I cant be bothered to keep up with it
    c) if I wanted to play Pokemon, I'd go fucking play Pokemon, not a cheap ripoff

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