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    I'm on the last part. I just don't have the drive to raid HFC in normal or LFR. I've done some LFR and it was just awful.
    I have so many toons at this point (12 now I think). My 2 mains are at 7/33 and 8/33. I did HFC twice on each and I want to cry at the thought of doing it enough to just complete it on my priest, let alone my rogue. HFC by all means is not that bad of a raid instance, but holy hell's balls is LFR a nightmare. Normal is almost as bad with insane group requirements of Heroic clears or no invites at times. Ones without the said requirements are filled with people who expect to be carried and stand in everything that is bad. It is like pugging Normal Lick King in WotLK all over again. STOP STANDING IN DEFILE!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by getrunken View Post
    People like you are everything that's wrong with this game. 1: not an active player, yet subs to contribute to unnecessary protest for an unnecessary feature, then unsubs after getting way. 2: whines about a totally optional legendary questline (which is less time investment/grindy than MoP or other previously mandatory rep grinds). 3: expect monumental gameplay shifts for temporary feature that only relates to said questline and most people don't want/like. 4: obviously rode the hype train and forgot what the game actually is. Still/more-quickly bored of endgame yet blames new features/lack of content.
    Yes, it was late at night, I was on mobile, and I was cranky for several reasons, so my brusque choice of phrasing leaves something to be desired but the central point still stands. For me, not a single part of the legendary chain was fun or especially interesting - unlike the chain from MoP. Don't worry, I'm not putting on rose-tinted glasses. I still have extra sigils of wisdom in my main's bank and my literal tears of frustration from the PvP part in mind. But overall the experience from MoP was greatly better than what I got out of the WoD chain thus far.

    For the rest of your points:

    1. I was a very active player. Know the joke about how to tell someone is a vanilla veteran? ("Don't worry, they'll tell you.") I don't consider myself part of the now-"cyclical" subscription base and I don't want to be a part of the cycle. I've been playing this game for ten years, and other Blizzard Entertainment properties even longer ago. But at some point even a fan like me has to re-evaluate when faced with the issues in and surrounding the game's design, implementation, communication, and Blizzard Entertainment as a whole.
    A. What is considered a 'necessary feature' is entirely dependent upon point of view. I didn't renew in protest with many of other players (to the point that one of the hashtags being used actually trended on Twitter) because the unavailability of flight in WoD and its permanent removal from future World of Warcraft all future content drastically, negatively affected how we play the game. I have every legitimate right and reason as an unsatisfied paying customer - and one could argue even moral obligation as a fan - to say, "hey, I don't like this, here's why, and here's what I am going to do to let you know how serious I am about this." The ball was then in Blizzard's court.
    B. I honestly don't really feel like I 'got my way.' From one of my comments elsewhere: "It is also brought to you by WoW designers who decided that, in truly amazing display of passive-aggressiveness, gated [Draenor Pathfinder] behind the very lackluster content which players have also been complaining about to them AND while not specifying any timeframe for when Draenor Flying will be patched in to the game." And from what we've learned from the dev watercooler, GamesCom, and the silence from Blizzard designers, we are set to have this style of "fun" for Legion.

    2. No, the legendary is not optional content.
    A. It's an integral part of the story line - disjointed as it feels to me - for the very expansion that I paid more for than all previous expansion packs. Optional would be Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings or the like because A) random fragment drops and B) there was no story attached to it. Did I want it? Oh yes baby I wanted. Did I get it? No, and I accepted that with equanimity. Besides, one or two expansions later I could just farm for it - which I did, by the way - because it's not going anywhere. Blizzard destroyed that concept with the abrupt announcement of the legendary cloaks becoming unobtainable (I would have liked having one of each and was willing to - at my own pace - work toward that goal with the necessary alts), and with the legendary rings set to become unobtainable from the very start. So...
    B. If I want to experience the story tied to the ring, said story being tied into the expansion's story itself, then it's definitely not optional.

    3. I'm not sure what your point was, and quite frankly I've stopped caring but I'll go ahead and do #4 anyway.

    4. I didn't ride the hype train. I never even boarded it. From the moment "Warlords of Draenor" was announced, I had misgivings. Blizzard struggled to define the expansion. Anyone remember this?

    I was in the WoD beta, and I pointed out several design problems. Of course, from my experience with the Diablo 3 beta, I had little expectation of actually being listened to, but I felt compelled anyhow. (I totally called it on Ashran, by the way; perculia et al. were busy gushing over it.)

    And what did Tanaan Jungle - which I will point out was supposed to be in the game at the beginning - add beside a raid and player flight? I'm not blaming lack of content so much as wondering if Blizzard understands that the features and content it is putting into the game this whole expansion appear to not match what a very large minority (if not majority) of players want and/or expect from the game? I am not talking about catering to majority rule, but to whether Blizzard's future goal(s) for the product matches up with the reality of a long established player base that may or may not accept large changes in the game's direction.

    Anyway, don't people who talk like you also write "just leave if you're unhappy"? Of course, leaving is not a satisfactory solution and I'm going to be unhappy regardless but I'm walking the walk nonetheless. I've now spent 2.5 hours replying to you. Really, I want that time back. I should have simply ignored someone whose best argument was 'casual' and putting words in my mouth. Good night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koochulu View Post
    You need to re-read the statement above his comments. You're totally misunderstanding what it means.
    I could do without:

    1. Ever reading what GC has to say again.
    2. Reading about Heroes of the Storm or other non-MMO Blizzard properties.
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    The ring was one of the reasons I re-upped... though if I had unsubbed prior to completing the BRF grind then maybe it would have been a different story. I mean at the end of the day it's a subscriber retention plan.. the game needs grinds, it's just reality. The grinds that work best are the ones that you don't notice because you were going to do that activity anyway. Sadly the neutering of anything that may even appear to feel like a reward in LFR meant that the legendary grind was very obvious in HFC. Haven't been back since I got the ring.

    While I can excuse the grind as a necessary evil, the milestone quests and lore fluff were pretty underwhelming in comparison to MoP. Wrathion would deliver full on speeches, Khadgar gives a few pithy one-liners. We had quests that took us to multiple places in Pandaria and were integral to the expansion's storyline, tying the max level content together. Khadgar leaves his tower once, to hang out in your shipyard (just so he can send you back to his tower as it turns out) and the legendary story is almost completely unrelated to the ongoing WoD storyline. They could replace the entire questline with an NPC that shows the 'Gul'dan takes over the Iron Horde' cutscene.

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    I love that GC comment.

    pretty much sums up whats wrong with games development.

    If people want more battery life, give it to them, then add features on top. Dont do an Iphone 6 and give a shit load of features but nuke the battery life into the dirt....sure the features are shiny and nice, but at the end of the day its a phone, and decent battery life is what people want most, its not exciting, but thats how it goes. get the core product right, and build on it, dont go for shiny shit and produce a piss poor performing product just becuase you like shiny new features.

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