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    Looking for a competitive team striving to reach the top.

    My best Heroes: (best left to right)
    Junkrat, Genji, Pharah, Mccree, Zenyatta

    Game History:
    TF2: Over 4000 hours, my team achieved #1 for s20 silver, while maintaining an undefeated record. (as demoman, highly reminiscent of junkrat)
    WoW Mop - 2400 Mmr 3s xp

    About me:
    18 years old
    Took CIS Program in my local Votech. High school.
    Very Competitive
    Frequent with any communication application

    I am a very explosive player (no pun intended) who can bring lots to the table. My skills in junkrat have transferred from over 1000 competitive hours in tf2, and my dm and unique playstyle shows that. I am no stranger to team communication and coordinating pushes, and learning callouts and swapping heroes is not a new topic for me.

    If you just want someone to play with, or you are here to recruit, feel free to add me. - Michael#13850.

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    Come visit us at

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    Cannot wait for ranked to come out, hopefully everyone can come join us here at KG! & Michael, definitely hoping you come join us so I can see your awesome Junkrat skills!

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    Looking for a steady team to play and practice with on a daily basis. I haven't played any TF2 or previous competitive games. I intend to change that with Overwatch, getting into more serious competitive play. So I'm looking for a team with good players who want to progress up the ranks and form a strong force.
    I'm very open to constructive criticism and will do what is necessary for a win.

    I play mostly Reinhardt. Also good with Pharah and Lucio.
    I play from about 8pm - whenever.

    Add me if you want to recruit or play: Xni#2307
    I'm on EU side.

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    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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    I was a multi-glad Rsham and Rdruid in WoW. I'm pretty decent at Mercy/Lucio and I'm looking for teammates. Let me know if you want to play!

    Edit - US servers.

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    I have just started a overwatch clan, called Overwatch Synergy. We are looking for mature players that are able to communicate effectively and change roles when necessary. If you'd like to join please message GuardianSentinel on PSN, please remember that the last character in my PSN name is a capital i.

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    Lf team/be fill in on US servers, mainly dps/tank. I've been playing team based games for over 12 years, played c.s 1.6 plus source for 5 years+, had 1850+mmr playing heroes of newerth when i played, also raided/lead/raid lead top ten US wow guilds, lastly i've hit legend multiple times on Hearthstone. I know what it takes to be a part of a team, just looking to find people to show what i can do. Jab#1474 is my Btag, unable to play between 8-12pm est on weekdays schedule is open otherwise. I play on PC as'well, thanks for your time.

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    [X1] The Remnants [Clan]

    Platform: Xbox One
    Game Support: The Division, OverWatch, and more coming soon!
    Current Membership: 200 members and growing!

    [MISSION] Instead of relying on LFG websites or third-party programs, the creators of The Remnants decided to create a community where there will always be players & friends ready to tackle the challenges that the game throws at us. We are a group of like-minded individuals with one goal, success. We will provide a home for players to find help when it is needed.

    [JOINING] Joining The Remnants is quite easy. All you need to do is have a Discord account and click the link located at the bottom of this text. This also gives a platform for members to group up or communicate outside of the game. We don’t know how long membership will be open, so if you’re trying to find a group of likeminded players, be sure to join today!

    [CONTACT] Uneasy about joining or just wanting more information?! Sure! Feel free to message “Will(jbumsu)” or “Josh (JWise)” on Discord and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    [DISCORD INVITE] (Not allowed to link just yet, we apologize for the inconvenience)

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    I am looking for an English speaking European based team/players to play with on the PC, preferably in the Paris/Brussels/Amsterdam-timezone. I am flexible on characters and roles, tank is my weakest. My battle tag is Desraider#2789.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desraider View Post
    I am looking for an English speaking European based team/players to play with on the PC, preferably in the Paris/Brussels/Amsterdam-timezone. I am flexible on characters and roles, tank is my weakest. My battle tag is Desraider#2789.
    Come visit us at your website to apply

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    Konvict Gaming is a lot of fun and I hope everyone can come out and take part in the fun! It's way too much fun grouping with a bunch of people in the community. In Overwatch news though, isn't there supposed be a support sniper coming out soon?

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    Looking for a steady Overwatch team to play with competitively. Pugging started off well then went to tragic really quickly and it was sucking the fun out of it. Would like to play with people who are mature, use mics and aren't afraid to switch characters when needed.

    My Best Characters
    Reaper, Torbjorn, Junkrat, Lucio, Mercy


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    Looking for fellow Overwatch players on Ps4, Add me up. Mostly play support - Tag - HellionQ

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    Looking for Players for Competitive play

    Not looking for a team or players who only want to play in a team to go for the pro scene.

    Im 27 myself and I live a normal life in sweden. Got a fulltime job, family and other things to attend to during the days. I mostly play during the weekends and evenings/late nights.
    But that doesnt stop me from having a competitive mindset when it comes to gaming.

    12 000+ hours in WoW, most of that spent raiding or doing other PvE, not a huge PvP fan even though I got some 150 000 Honor kills, and some Vanilla titles.
    4000+ hours in CS 1.6
    2000+ hours in Dota 2
    1000+ hours in CS:GO at LE and LEM ranks
    500+ hours in Star Craft 2

    Im sick of always queing alone and want to play with some other players who see the fun in winning, improving and progressing as a player and a team.
    Looking for likeminded players who are of age (mentally).
    I prefer using any VOIP, I got them all and dont mind using the ingame either.

    I try to be as good as I can with atleast one of each "type" of hero.
    Attack: Soldier76 and Reaper
    Defense: Torbjörn and Junkrat
    Support: Mercy and Lucio
    Tank: Winston and Zarya

    Hit me up if you want to add a friend to your friendlist!

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    Hi Glenn,

    It sounds to me like Konvict Gaming would be a good clan for you. About half of our members are casual players and we would be happy to have you. You can find our application form at It's all straightforward and applications are usually handled within 30 minutes.

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    LF a team to play now. I'm rank 43 and able to play alot this vacation. For those who care I'm 19 year old.
    Forever alone.

    Windwalker Monk - Steamwheedle Cartel (EU)

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    TAW - The Art of War

    About Us...
    The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 30 games of all genres.
    Today, over 2500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home.

    Our Overwatch division hosts a variety of seasoned TAW members and people who are new to TAW. We accept all players regardless of what your interests are: casual,
    competitive, or somewhere in between. Our players are looking forward to joining the competitive environment and forming multiple teams of differing skill levels.

    When playing with our members you can expect:
    *A large, active teamspeak server and website.
    *Structured and organized community.
    *Coaching and mentorship for all skill levels.
    *Coordinated teams and future in-house tournaments.
    *Casual play, socialization and unique fun events.

    We ask little of our members, the most important thing is that you are bringing a winning attitude to your games. Our code of ethics
    (located on the website) is the policy we live by. Please check it out on

    When playing with our members we expect:
    *Teamspeak 3 and a microphone.
    *15 years+ with a mature attitude.
    *Complete an application and orientation.
    *Attend weekly events with our members

    To join us...
    Contact KiraWinter#1115 or DrDankness#11827 on for more information

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    I started Overwatch: Friendly Mode ( as a group for gamers where the only rule is you have to be nice. Our goal is to create a positive, friendly community where attitude is more important than skill. There's over 80 of us already so come say hello and play a game or two, we won't bite
    Why do people with closed minds always have open mouths?

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    Alliance Rank 38 & Rising Looking for a group

    17-7 Last 2 days (should only have been 3 or 4) So lv38 and still rising (46% overall winrate);mode=1

    Mostly play supports but switch it up depending on the needs of the group.. Some further screenshots here
    Eliminations per life ->
    Kill streak ->
    Multi-kill (quintuple with symmetra lol) ->

    & have little time played as Tank as I mostly 2-queue with;mode=1

    Looking to find players to group with, or join an existing group.

    UK Based with mics, Play most evenings and weekends looking to progress as high as possible while still enjoying the game


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kacheng View Post
    LF a team to play now. I'm rank 43 and able to play alot this vacation. For those who care I'm 19 year old.
    Hey Kacheng, if you're still looking definitely check out Konvict! You can jump in the teamspeak at or just checkout the website at Full of awesome people to hang out with and play as competitively as you want!

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