I am looking for some groups, or rather two different things.

Firstly, I am looking for people to do some achievements. I need the following:
- Winston's hit 6 people with 1 ultimate
- Genji's kill 4 people with 1 ultimate
- Bastion's kill 4 people with 1 ultimate

I need a ZARYA or possibly a MEI to help me gather people to kill/hit them. I can OF COURSE return the favor.

Secondly, I am also always looking for solid Competitive groups.

Due to bad luck in solo queue (it's horrible) I am sadly stuck in Platinum at the moment, but I have the potentional to play Master+, I got some great statistics as well as videos to back this up, but that we can take later.

I'm looking for Plat+ (pref Diamond) players to push as much as possible.

I play Lucio as a main, but I am also a master at Mercy, D.Va and Ana.
I can also play my DPSers, Soldier, Reaper and Pharah, as well as Widowmaker at a very good level.

However, I do prefer to heal, as it's what I'm best at! But in the end I can play all heroes, though I NEVER play any other tank than D.Va.

My btag is Xade#2318