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    I am looking for some groups, or rather two different things.

    Firstly, I am looking for people to do some achievements. I need the following:
    - Winston's hit 6 people with 1 ultimate
    - Genji's kill 4 people with 1 ultimate
    - Bastion's kill 4 people with 1 ultimate

    I need a ZARYA or possibly a MEI to help me gather people to kill/hit them. I can OF COURSE return the favor.

    Secondly, I am also always looking for solid Competitive groups.

    Due to bad luck in solo queue (it's horrible) I am sadly stuck in Platinum at the moment, but I have the potentional to play Master+, I got some great statistics as well as videos to back this up, but that we can take later.

    I'm looking for Plat+ (pref Diamond) players to push as much as possible.

    I play Lucio as a main, but I am also a master at Mercy, D.Va and Ana.
    I can also play my DPSers, Soldier, Reaper and Pharah, as well as Widowmaker at a very good level.

    However, I do prefer to heal, as it's what I'm best at! But in the end I can play all heroes, though I NEVER play any other tank than D.Va.

    My btag is Xade#2318


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    Overwatch looking for players/clan thread.

    Hey guys/gals,
    It’s been really hard queing up for comp for me, not really getting anywhere fast, been trying to get past 1378sr and it just keeps dropping. I’d really love to get past bronze sometime this millennia and possibly find some good people to finally play with. I main Junkrat but an still learning Rein, Orisa, Mercy and Moira. This is my first season where I’m trying actively to get good and still want to have a good time. Battle tag is #aerries1233

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    My boyfriend and I are lfm players to group up with in quick play and competitive. We have experience, able to use mic, and play other games WoW and etc...We are on nightly starting about 9pm est. Feel free to add me: #11261 -Safehaven

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    I am LFM for the upcoming Uprising Achievements. Some are quite hard, so let me know and we can try to make a solid group for them.
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    Post Damage Inc. DI-XV Overwatch EU Looking for players

    PC] [EU] Hi, my name is Nikki, I am a initiate in Damage Incorporated and a member and division vice of DI-XV. Damage Inc is a large,
    multi-gaming clan that has been in operation for 5 years and has over 900 active members across many game titles. We offer a stable 512 slot TeamSpeak server, custom forums with thousands of monthly posts, and a 0 toxicity policy.
    We can offer you the opportunity to play with other gamers and make new friends,
    explore that inner desire to be on a competitive team, or even create and lead your own competitive team!
    Our platform can land you into the e-sports scene, sponsorship, advertisement, and many other benefits!

    What we look for:

    * 15+ and be mature
    * Be available to play 1-3 times weekly with your casual or competitive team
    * Be friendly and engaging with the community
    * Have a mic and TeamSpeak
    * No multi-clanning
    * Be able to speak English on a decent level

    If you're interested, shoot me a PM on (Tzuyu#21379) or me or my division commander on discord: Tzuyu#9278 / Raine#8544

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