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    Hey everyone my name is Bruce, but everyone just calls me Bags. I just starting streaming with the launch of Overwatch and plan on playing this game for the extended future. I also plan on joining a competitive team in the near future and see how far I can push myself in the esports scene. I plan on streaming 5-7 days a week. During the week my stream will start around 5-6pm PST-6 Central US time. On the weekends my stream will start quite a bit earlier and usually last longer.

    I am a pretty laid back guy who doesn't take things to serious and I am not one of those ragers. I like to keep the stream fun with lots of laughing and interacting with viewers. Just pop in and say what's up in the chat and I'm sure I will make you laugh with the shenanigans.

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    Saim here, moderatly known HoN streamer in europe but I am now moving to Overwatch as my main game.
    I will stream atleast three times a week, you can find the shedule on my stream.

    Much love.

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    Hi overwatch fans,

    My name is Lily. I would like to contribute to overwatch community.
    This Blizzard game is awesome to play with friends. My stream is where you can find people to play with. I run lots of viewers games and answer most questions in chat with English/Chinese.
    I stream on Thur, Fri, Sat, and Sun from 6:00 pm PDT to 10:30 pm PDT.
    Have a good weekend and make new friends with your favorite overwatch hero!

    Live stream:

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    I record/upload/edit(badly) and stream Overwatch, Live now

    or check out my channel

    Subscribe and will schedule events in the future, or post in live chat your btag if you want to play (EU)

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    came across this. i was like" huh. neat"

    T-Pain Streaming overwatch

    when its going anyway
    Omians- 120 Troll Enhancement shaman, Emerald Dream
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    Hey lovely people.

    Recently swapped from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Overwatch as a streamer.

    It's been almost a year since I started streaming and am still learning the game. Feel free to hop in the channel to chill, have a chat or just enjoy the gameplay and the raging in voice communication.

    Streams are on weekdays from 19:00 to approx 21:00 Amsterdam Timezone.

    Much love and I hope to see you on Twitch.

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    Drop a follow. If I get beta, deep free to tune in.

    twitch tenebrusbh

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    Quote Originally Posted by saimhann View Post
    Saim here, moderatly known HoN streamer in europe but I am now moving to Overwatch as my main game.
    I will stream atleast three times a week, you can find the shedule on my stream.

    Much love.
    cool thnks

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    Hey everyone! My name is Ressh and I am a top rated mage in wow that is trying to excel at Overwatch. Come join me as I stream and try to keep everyone entertained.

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    I stream every day, very good quality, 60 FPS. Good music, usually not much talking unless playing with friends and I'm not terrible.

    FunkLive - Twitch

    FunkTV - Youtube

    I post weekly content and stream highlights.
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    not my stream but I may as well throw out a plug for a friend: -- alternates between WoW streams (live/beta/#FriendshipMoose), and Overwatch. He's a hell of a Genji in my opinion.
    “Nostalgia was like a disease, one that crept in and stole the colour from the world and the time you lived in. Made for bitter people. Dangerous people, when they wanted back what never was.” -- Steven Erikson, The Crippled God

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    Hi! My name is Carl but I've been known to play under the Ragga (FPS), Olando (WoW) or Jordynn (other MMOs). I live in the Great White North - Canada. I came to streaming like most, found Twitch, got addicted to it and after a while thought I would give streaming a shot myself. Lately I have been playing mostly MMOs (WoW, BnS, GW2) but I play FPS and whatever else that is suggested to me that sounds like fun.

    Come chill, for a bit!

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    Beautiful young girl from the marines, follow and watch her destroy in overwatch

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    Chill out with overwatch

    bit laggy and choppy but i'm nice so there's that
    wouldn't mind a partner for 20% either

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    In this post, can we put link for youtube stream?

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    I am GM/Master Widowmaker player

    Here is my stream if you would like to check out

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    Im new one on twitch and hope u will enjoy my streams

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    Im new one on twitch and i hope u will enjoy my streams

    twitch - /ikari_ich

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    Sup guys and girls!

    Just a quick hello Top 50 Winston (4559 peak) / Tank main here, super chilled stream that's educational as hell. I try my best to answer every question with as much detail as possible regarding Overwatch! If you wanna pop in and say hi you're more than welcome!
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    I'm streaming 1800-2100 GMT weekdays, ladder climb + playing w/ a team. 2500-ish SR atm.

    Average skill OW stream!

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    The Mosquito Gaming on Twitch!

    Hello community!

    By the way, this topic is to announce my new project on Twitch. It is about a streaming channel based on a few games that I personally love, among which stands out Overwatch (master rank competitive, quick w. friends, Arcade Madness, etc). I will propose some evenings based on World of Warcraft, so if you want something different, here I am!

    All my stream sessions will be chill and fun, with a dose of greater seriousness and concentration during the competitive matches.

    Below, I leave the channel and social links, so that you can follow me and know when I will go live:

    Twitch :
    Facebook :
    Instagram :

    You are all welcome, but watch out…
    beware of the Mosquito!

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