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    WoW Down to 5.5 Million Subscribers, Warcraft Movie Trailer at Blizzcon

    WoW Down to 5.5 Million Subscribers
    Blizzard has their Q3 2015 earnings call tomorrow, announcing that WoW is down to 5.5 million subscribers at the end of Q3 2015. This is down 100k from the Q2 2015 call that listed WoW at 5.6 million subscribers.

    • Activision Blizzard agreed to buy King Digital Entertainment for $5.9 billion. They are best known for Candy Crush Saga.
    • Hearthstone key engagement metrics grew 77% year-over-year and set a new quarterly revenue record for the franchise.
    • Diablo III continued to bring in new players in Q3, and in China, the game passed the 2-million-unit milestone.
    • Overwatch beta has over 7 million players signed-up to participate, not including China.

    Don't see a chart? Enable javascript!

    Warcraft Movie Trailer to Premiere at Blizzcon
    Everyone will be able to see the Warcraft Movie Trailer on Friday, as it will be part of the Opening Ceremony, which is streamed for free!

    Overwatch Sprays
    Overpwn has posted the hero sprays which may be part of the unlocks system.

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    not bad considering the drought of content.

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    It's bound to go down. WoD is horrible and isn't getting any more content that will keep people busy.
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    While I'm certainly not a defender of WoD, I'm not terribly surprised the numbers didn't drop too much further.

    I'd wager most people that were sick of the game in its current state (for whatever the reason) already left (taking a break, quitting, "quitting", whatever :-P), and most people that are left are still enjoying what they have to work with. Doesn't mean it would last forever, I just expect further dropoffs until the next announcement/expansion to be relatively light.

    If the Blizzcon announcements are received well, I wouldn't be particularly surprised to see numbers go back up as people come back to prep for Legion. *shrug*

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    Kinda sucks but Mop And WoD were pretty bad content wise. Garrison was a nice gimmick but it's not fun. And the economy of most servers is shit

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    Once they announced there was no real content coming until the next expansion... this was BOUND to happen.

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    Those numbers are surprising (only losing 100k). How did they maintain that with nothing to show for it? I don't know if I should congratulate them or pull out my tinfoil hat...

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    Quite funny really, people mocked WOTLK loads and yet its had the most stable population throughout an entire expansion compared to the others. WoD figures are just a massive joke, the only good thing in WoD was the initial release.

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    Personally, pretty dammed amazed sub count has stabilized. I really expected to see a 1.5 to 2mil loss in subs.

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    Garbage expansion, only thing that is keeping the decline from being much worse is the WoW tokens.

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    almost the same number than it was in november 2005..

    10 years later but still.. they need to do something !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DasHuntard View Post
    And the economy of most servers is shit
    The only reason I'm still subbed is because I have 5 level 100s all with treasure hunter followers who between them gather between 5k to 12k gold each day. I won't have to worry about gold ever again thanks to WoD.

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    I think it will slowly stop bleeding, I resubbed last month to level new character s and I had a blast with a new rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkazam View Post
    almost the same number than it was in november 2005..

    10 years later but still.. they need to do something !
    5.5 million on an almost 12 years game is still impressive.

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    while i dont play anymore im still a "sub" cause i got a bunch of the time tokens when they came out and my account is paid for through next year june

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    Have we found the floor of subs finally?

    NAH, probably just Legion hype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    not bad considering the drought of content.
    I am sure the token made is not look near as bad as it could or is.

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    Only 100k? Interesting, was expecting another mil.

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    either the token has become wildly popular, or they have found some sort of loophole to make this look higher than it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valaquenta View Post
    while i dont play anymore im still a "sub" cause i got a bunch of the time tokens when they came out and my account is paid for through next year june
    This. I would rather see an activity chart than a subscriber count. That would be far more telling of the actual state of the game.

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