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    How to compare two players in WarcraftLogs?

    I'm wondering if it is there any way to compare two players in the WarcraftLogs? I meant, not only DPS, but also DMG taken, how much damage he has done to adds on specific fights etc.

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    Do you wan't to compare two people of the same try or in general with other Players?

    For the second one warcraftlogs has a compare function where you can compare your member with other Players.

    If you want the first one, just open two browsers and open the logs in both of them and klick on the name you want to compare.

    Keep in mind that things like Damage Taken can vary depending on luck or not. Sometimes you get every fucking glaive toss on iskar and sometimes just one. Comparing this takes a lot of effort because you have to check the debuffs as well. Also you have to consider things like avoidance and versatility on gear.

    When people don't die, they usually are ok with avoiding the "fire", talk to your healers if they think anyone is taken more damage then the rest or they take huge burst for no reason.

    For tracking who did the most Damage on which target, use details or skada, just go to the enemy dmg taken option and you get a list.

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    I tend to compare just in two seperate windows side by side which may not be the best way but I havent figured out the comparison tab itself. Parts of the damage taken can be judged quite well due to the "problems" tab on warcraftlogs page. But you need to know about the mechanics and the have a look at how they are treated in the log.
    Comparison between two players of different class, in diferent fights with different length and debuffs, buffs, tank movement etc is very difficult though.

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