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    Exclamation I beg you, if you are on BlizzCon - ask them to fix Orc Male camera view bug!

    It's been this way since new model update.

    Orc (new model) has not increased in height, but the camera focus view point has changed it's location to a higher spot. Too high!

    If you turn to (old model) on Orc, you will see camera lower itself to the correct facial view point.

    While now, you zoom into thin air above his head.

    Just hate it so much!
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    Now, I know people don't usually ask the most interesting or important questions at Blizzcon, but come on. Don't waste the dev's time at Blizzcon with shit like this. It's not even expansion related, ffs. Send in a bug report and wait for it to be fixed later like the rest of us do about minor bugs like this.

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    Camera view point has moved higher than the character is... that's not a minor problem.

    I'm not allowed to post links but if you look here: pbs.twimg.com/media/CTLWxkdWEAAZYcd.jpg:large
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    It's certainly not a major problem.

    Of course my furblog race idea is beyond important and I've sent over 6000 tweets to various developers about it daily. Personally I see no problem halting the Warcraft panels for about 4 hours while I try to convince them.

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    worst question to ask at blizzcon

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    This is actually a typical question asked at Blizzcon. Something completely irrelevant that effects no one in any way

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    Seriously people pay hundreds of dollars to go to blizzcon and then when they could ask ANY FUCKING QUESTION IN THE WORLD, they ask dumb shit like, "Can I use a controller on PC for Overwatch?" Seriously can we get someone with balls to ask something with substance for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironlung View Post
    Seriously can we get someone with balls to ask something with substance for once.
    Aren't qstns pre-chosen?

    So someone with balls isn't even given the chance to ask good qstns.

    Ie 10 qstns (example) get chosen by devs for q&a and random nerds in crowd get given those qstns to ask.
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