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    Sorry, it has been a crazy couple weeks.

    Twatman, good idea for Gladiator, updated auras here:, shows enrage duration and also shows up red if you aren't enraged.

    Deflekt, I'm fairly certain you just haven't imported the Rage Bar weak aura's. Get them here:

    Tublerone, Superserius has it right. That whole aura of "Dragon Roar Glow Glad" doesn't really work how I wanted it to anyway. I'd just set it to Load-Never or delete it, at least until I get a new update.

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    Is there any way you can modify the rage bar colour based on the amount of rage you have? e.g.: rage <= 59 RED; 60 <= rage <= 119 GREEN; 120 <= rage YELLOW.

    Or something like this, would be doable? I liked some of your ideas, just missing this colour code, it helps a lot while under demanding tank situations.

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    If you are used to WA a bit, you could do that on your own pretty easy. (If not, give it a try. It's not that complicated.)

    I'm not at my pc at home to test it at the moment but it should work like this:
    Duplicate the rage bar (for every color you need another bar/WA).
    Set the triggers/load at to your wishes
    <= 59 and color RED in the first WA
    >59 and <= 119 and color GREEN in the second WA
    = 120 and color YELLOW in the third WA
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    I like the changing color idea, good call. But I do like to have the health bar up so the green rage bar looked weird to me. I made a new Rage Bar aura that starts dark red until 59 rage, then from 59 to 119 rage it's bright red (very slight orange) and at 120 it is yellow.

    Here is the pastebin:

    If you'd like to change the colors, you can find the custom code under the "Animations" tab. If you wanted to change the 59-119 rage color to green for example you'd change these lines below
        if player_energy > 59 and player_energy < 120 then
            red, green, blue = .9,.2,0
        if player_energy > 59 and player_energy < 120 then
            red, green, blue = 0,1,0

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    That is great, thnx for adding it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Videsh View Post
    Looks interesting. I'll let you know how I like it.

    Indeed i will do the same always love new weakaura's and displays. I get intimidated with playing with adjusting them and screwing up something.

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    Let me know if you have any questions about how to edit it, what you'd like to do etc. I do have lots of stacked auras so moving stuff is time consuming. There's been some good ideas so far in the thread, id like to hear any others!

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    Any chance of you whipping up a blood dk set? Love the warrior one, can't really find anything comparable for my DK.

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    Updated, my main focus was on the Fury bars, (would love feedback on them) added trinket procs and made it less whack-a-mole.

    Prot also got some changes. First, fixed the Shield Barrier prediction if Last Stand is up. I am unable to check for 4pc, I left a non 4pc version in there to enable. Otherwise, I added the Purified Shard Heirloom trinket, oh I also made the Ring duration work if someone else uses it. I am sure there's some other changes I forgot about.

    Edit: updated the main page but here's the link again

    also, about DK's. I do have a DK but I just don't play him too much. I use Compact Runes mostly, with a couple random aura's. I never feel too comfortable on him. It might help to make a nice weak aura set... who knows. been going through lots of char's. Next one i am nearly done with is Warlock.
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    I will keep my fingers crossed. I do not care for the one I am using now, and I lack the free time/ brainpower to whip one up myself. Thanks again for the kickass warrior one that has me spoiled rotten.

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    Updated a few things, mostly related to Shield Block / Barrier, made a new GIF. Removed the CAP aura because the bright yellow rage bar takes care of that now. Changed the low health warnings to be a flashing health bar when you get below 40% hp, still have a separate alert for Last Stand. Do you think the bars above the HP for shield block and barrier are excessive now?

    Added a separate group called Externals, to see the duration's of external tank CD's used on you. I was thinking of just moving all of the duration's over there, to more quickly tell if you have some kind of CD running. Still undecided.

    GIF: (Better looking GIF here:

    Now it prioritizes showing Shield Barrier if you have both Barrier and Block active. You can see the duration for Shield Block below Barrier. The little Squares above Shield Block are indicators for how many charges you have. One white square is one charge, a red square is a charge on cooldown, when both charges are on cooldown it will show a countdown timer. Hopefully that's clear... but that is why I made the new gif.



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    Love the weak aura, thanks for all the time and effort you have put in.

    Couple of thoughts. Possible to track cd of enraged generation too?
    Also the shield provided by the heirloom trinket, maybe show what it would be if you were to pop it then?

    Thanks again

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    This weak aura is truly a work of art, thank you for making it. I have been using your "older" one for a long time now and last night deleted it and installed this updated one. I was a little leery of this cause it was a raid night and didn't want to mess it up and not have it. It works great and the new additions are amazing. It has now allowed me to turn off TMW for my Prot Warrior.

    Again, thank you for your work and time put into this.


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    Thanks for all the kind words. Decided to do some more updates. Added both Enraged Regen and a prediction for Purified Shard of the Third Moon. Took me longer than I would like to get the formula working for it but that's what you get for messing up parentheses... It should show double the normal prediction if you have a Demon targeted. Remember, it always makes both shields, but the demon one gets used up first if you're getting hit by demons. Got up to a 2.2mil overall shield by pulling a ton of stuff in Tanaan by Kazaak.

    The formula is: 200,000 * (1+Resolve value/100) * (1+Versatility value/100).
    [VS Demons you take the whole thing *2]

    I finally redid how I have Ravager shown, so it doesn't look so out of place. Also, along the same lines, changed how Thunder Clap is shown while Sudden Death is up. Usually, you would want to use Sudden Death before re-applying thunder clap. The problem was, while you're tanking a bunch of mobs, it would get annoying to not see the cooldown for Thunder Clap if Sudden Death was active. Enraged Regen looks much the same as the new Ravager+Dragon Roar. Demo Shout is prioritized but you can see a small part of the Enraged Regen icon at all times.
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    My wow keeps crashing when trying to paste the string for the Prot. Is there a way to import it anotehr way or to break it down to smaller strings?

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    Not to super necro a thread.. but I seriously hope this gets updated for Legion. I love the way it tracks and shows Shield Barrier (now Ignore Pain).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordekae View Post
    Not to super necro a thread.. but I seriously hope this gets updated for Legion. I love the way it tracks and shows Shield Barrier (now Ignore Pain).
    Same here! I think he is taking a break, but will hopefully be back in Legion. Pretty hooked on the weak aura, and I will be lost without it.

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    Just letting you know I am back and working on these things. Ignore Pain seems to be causing the latest weakauras build trouble right now. Hopefully will get it worked out soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khakhan View Post
    Just letting you know I am back and working on these things. Ignore Pain seems to be causing the latest weakauras build trouble right now. Hopefully will get it worked out soon.
    Best news ever. Thank you.

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    OK, think I have it all worked out now. Was one of the custom triggers that was causing ignore pain issues. Anyway, give these a shot, I am still undecided if I want to include Battle Cry and Focused Rage. Other candidates include: Into the Fray, Impending Victory and Safeguard (intercept).
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