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    I mean it's probably not a good sign that seeing that icon in the Recent Posts section made me remember that this site has a Minecraft subforum.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    New updates pretty dope

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    New updates pretty dope
    That's right

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    Well, some people don't think so

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    just saw some kid playing minecraft on his phone in a bus while I was going to work...

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    I still load it up every now and then, just recently checked out 1.12.2 now that Thaumcraft got a new release .

    There is just something cathartic about building a city with your own workshop and being the wizard overlord (who also wires up the whole town with Immersive Engineering) .

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    playin it occasionally with friends, but we usually mod the game until it takes 5minutes to load and eats 10gb ram haha
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    The majority of people playing this game now have no concept of playing it to survive... or in any way other than a minigame format.
    It probably doesn't help that surviving in minecraft is so absolutely trivial that you actually have to go out of your way to die.

    The problem I've always had with Minecraft is that, beyond creative endeavors, there's almost nothing to do: there's literally no reason gameplay-wise to ever build anything more impressive than basic amenities since the game has almost no mechanical substance and the world never interacts with your base at all. There's no meat-and-potatoes, so to speak. Titles like Terraria are far superior in this regard.
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    Actually loads of new updates are just killing the game and are useless. The community of the game has become toxic now with only very young children asking for girlfriends on servers

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    What do you mean by that? By checking stats I wouldn't say it's being "killed". Thousands of players plays the game every day.

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    Most people play minigame servers now. When I played years ago, I played survival servers with towny. I can't find anything like that now, it's just gimmicky donation servers with "find the murderer" or shit like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Forte View Post
    Most people play minigame servers now. When I played years ago, I played survival servers with towny. I can't find anything like that now, it's just gimmicky donation servers with "find the murderer" or shit like that.
    ftb mod packs all normally have plenty of servers for them
    I have a fan. Seems he was permabanned.

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    Me too. Drop me a message if you want to collab?

    Edit: Actually just went though some online servers toplists and actually seems like minecraft is still at its peak time, look - minecraft servers top , has thousands of active servers, topG - thousands. Even many articles saying that Minecraft is still ahead of fortnite. SO it's not dead.
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    I know a lot of people that still play Minecraft. I used to like this game when I was young, I feel like as time goes by something is missing. It becomes boring and I hope that the developers will work on improving the game.

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    I guess it depends on what you're looking for. I only play modded as vanilla gets really boring unless you love to build. I play on the MineyourMind server. Been there for over a year now. Many people play on it.
    If what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Then I should be a god by now.

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    Every so often I come back to it, build something truly magnificent with my friends and then when we're done, we all kinda just stop playing it until the bug bites one of us again.
    Paladin Bash has spoken.

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    Stopped playing long ago and even gave away my account. I did love playing Hunger Games though.

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    Minecraft world

    It is not a secret that each player in Minecraft world, wants always to explore something, to add something interesting and fresh, absolutely all these parameters depend on taste and style of each player in the game. What about texture packs, have you ever use them? In most cases we guess — Yes! That is why here, we can also recommende you texture packs

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    Is there like any sort of official server (thats not run by a individual) to play with people? online

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    You guys should look into the new Hytale game, its like Minecraft 2

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