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    [CHECK HERE FIRST!] Monk Forums Index

    Ah, so you've decided to add a nice turquoise blue green character portrait to your class list. Bravo! Before making a thread, let me direct you to the following.

    Class Guides + Discussions

    Brewmaster - Have questions about tanking? Direct your attention here! Read the OP, search the forum before asking questions, cast your Ox Statue.

    Mistweaver - Have questions about healing? Direct yourself here! Read the OP, search the forum before asking questions, complain about fistweaving (please don't actually complain about fistweaving unless you are adding to the discussion.)

    Windwalker - Have questions about DPS? How do even I Windwalker? Direct your attention here. Read the OP, ask questions in the thread. (Oh, and for the love of all that is Xuen, please search the forum before asking a question!)

    All Specs

    Simple Questions, Simple Answers - Some questions don't need their own thread. Check if someone asked your question first.

    Official Fix My Monk Thread - For those who have a problem they can't quite put their finger on.

    Weak Auras - Direct questions or links to new weak auras here.

    Monk Discord Channel

    Misc/Fun Stuff

    Streamers - The twitch kind, not the ones at parties

    Show Off Your UI - Let us look at what you look at

    Transmogs - Who doesn't love a fashion show

    PoV Videos 1 - DO NOT GO BEYOND PAGE 3!!

    PoV Videos 2 - Because 1 got borked

    Blogs/Podcasts - Not everyone's an expert, here are some that may be
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