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    Just did a quick test, SV seems to be working fine. Thanks for your work!

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    Posting here hoping the author will see but It appears Cobra Shot and Chimaera Shot is no longer in the rotation WA. Will it be added back?
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    hey mate. I really loved these wa's and been using it for a long while. I hope you will update them for shadowlands as well. Cause I really love it that you made the mm and bm rotation vertically makes it great to use it!

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    Seems i managed to get ks to show by makeing a copy of the kc glow.
    But I have no idea how to implement cobra shit in the rotation. Also it seems to say a lot of trigger are outdated or something.

    Maybe someone with wa knowlegde could take a look and see if they can change stuff?

    Or does anyone has a new wa wich also uses a vertical placement?
    I tried some new ones but they are all kinda layout horizontal.

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