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    Just got my first legendary and after all ''trash talk'' about how Serenity>SEF, of course it will be the Drinking Horn Cover... karma RIP all my legendary lucks points, and lets hope at least they'll fix SEF (lost hope about Reverting serenity effect, even if the buff it after that..)

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    7.1.5 preliminary sims are up. Look like shit too. Another xpac as a monk. At least the damage is more in line with the difficulty now I guess

    During wod I was disgusted by how hard I had to work to stay competitive most of the time.

    Still seems we are in a situation where classes exist that do everything we do but better. Shame as I love monk and obviously am not a fotmer but Jesus. Our ae burst isn't so good that our st should be last. And if our st is going to be last, how's about we get on with some non st centric raids

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    so looking like our 4 set for nighthold gives the smallest boost to dps out of any set bonus for any spec.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Interim View Post
    so looking like our 4 set for nighthold gives the smallest boost to dps out of any set bonus for any spec.

    I said the same like 3 weeks ago but it was dismissed because "lol, you don't know anything, every class gets the same"

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    clones are still so fucking broken. is anyone up blizzards ass about the ignorant positive notes they releasad when the biggest issues remain unfixed? I just popped them and no exaggeration they waddled back n forth and missed my rsk and bok completely before they focused.

    like wth? countless times have missed FoF or SoTW. i dont even have words.

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    I really don't get the damn logic behind "let's buff xuen, so it's viable or superior to HC" and a week after nerf it to the ground in PvP and in PvE it sucks a dick.

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    Just qq'ing about all the WW's who have Katsuo's and DHC...

    "Always look ahead and above yourself. Always try to improve upon yourself. Always strive to elevate your craft." -- Jiro Ono

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    I'm still unhappy with the whole deal with us just getting one color scheme for our class mount...but he talks! Something that would get old really really quick...I feel like once again Blizzard just glosses over our class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theJademist View Post
    I'm still unhappy with the whole deal with us just getting one color scheme for our class mount...but he talks! Something that would get old really really quick...I feel like once again Blizzard just glosses over our class.
    Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I agree. I was looking forward to class mounts because most of the fun was going to be in having something unique that shows off what specialization you're in, but we get a generic tiger model with some beads, stripes, and some of the most boring comments I've ever heard.

    I think the look is alright, but it's not anywhere close to the effort they put into the others and it's pretty disheartening. They could at least change the colors for the other specs, I don't see why everything monk needs to be convolutedly unique. Does anyone actually enjoy that monks have no emotion to their storyline, just like this mount? Remember the whimsical monks they showed in the MoP cinematics? We don't get anything funny or interesting, just get told to visit Khadgar and we don't even interact with anything monk related. It's pretty sad in all honesty how little they care for our playerbase. Our class hall and campaign are the least interesting and unique out of them all. I know the quests are already datamined and I'd love for them to have stepped up their game, but I don't have the heart to check because I don't know how much more I can take.

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    Unwarranted legendary nerfs ftw.

    The good news? We are already worst st in game, can't become worst worst

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    Rip. 7th lego yesterday. Trinket. Such a shit joke of a system.

    Have all the x class ones now. Still no pre 7.2 bis nor post 7.2 bis (bracers/chest) and march. Will undoubtedly get march next

    This coupled with the compete reset of the AP grind makes me wonder who and how out of touch they are at blizzard.

    Would have preferred they added double the traits from the rip than basically reset after a few weeks of finishing 545454. #hateslegion

    Don't get me started on the joke of the gearing. I've met people not even on the same TIER raid progression wise with the same exact gear. Homognization ftw.

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    I have my favourite monk (main BM), with old 45 traits in ww, lego ToD gloves and cindaria at total ilvl 890. I ran my lock alt recently to 110, caught some good AP and avg gear for the spec (affli) along with the corruption boost ring - total ilvl 870 (surelly not properly geared into secondaries yet). No matter what I do with my ww monk, I do 10-15% MORE dmg with my lock, especially ST. Sad panda is sad.
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    I just can't believe that Blizzard is leaving us behind with nerfs on our strongest field (AoE) doing bad changes to talents and leaving some other class are brainless as they are, I cant believe our tier is THAT GOOD to make all these changes...

    Ofc i will not stop playing it but it hurts so much to me...

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    the results speak fo rthemselves. look @ wcl @ any percentile. we are 2nd to last. lower than before patch /boggle. i wonder if it slike.. an office meme

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    I recently switched from MM hunter to WW and I've never enjoyed a class so much, although, I do wish we had some kind of way to instantly generate mark of the crane charges (like 3 - 5) without having to take that RJW

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    So sounds like the AMA reply indicated we are going to be lastish this tier too. Good times. Thought a buff was all but guaranteed.

    Amazing how he dodged and dismissed the question. Lumped us in with "thinking" we are below average and "whatever metric" we use.

    Raw data you idiot. Thousands (and growing daily) of real world logs across any and all scenarios.

    Would be one thing if we were on top and we had to pay our dues. But going from being bottom 5 last tier to bottom 2 at the START of this one is a kick in the teeth.

    It's a shame. I always play monk cause it's fun. Otherwise I woulda been gone loooong ago. That being said, it's making it easier for me to spend more time in the RL and looking at stormblood.

    I get around. I do a lot of raiding, a lot of m+ with a huge bnet list of upper tier guys and the first day of the patch I've had nothing but whispers with memes and jokes about rip ww and the fair share of brm jokes too.

    I digress.
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    What could've been: Using old and existing systems to "fix" WW

    I don't main a WW anymore, because Blizz, and it seemed foolish to quit the game for just the class b/c I enjoy the other aspects, while also it's my only JC plus having most of the harder achievements (more specifically Rep + Insane) almost completed so I can't quit'em entirely either. Still my favorite class, so whenever I do have to play'em, I spend time thinking of different solutions, glyphs, what could've been, etc.

    Alpha SEF: The version of SEF without Mark of the Crane but also not it's previous debuff iteration either. Just as Blizz balances Outlaw around Blade Flurry, so too could they have balanced WW AoE around the old toggle version of SEF, also having left room for a regular dps CD (and Serenity when talented), as well as a passive that increases SCK damage when enemies are nearby; far less complicated. Oh, and RJW freedom - more damage or replaces SCK again.

    AoE niche, problem sustaining AoE. No Energy Tiger Palm is something I've brought up a few times before, mostly because the playstyle is already restricted via Chi and Cooldowns so the worst that could've happened was WW dumping excess Chi into SCK, so TP + SCK would be the WW equiv to Elementals CL + EQ. Other option would've been Combo Breaker: Tiger Palm; Chi consumption could've reduce the cost of Tiger Palm. TP = Chi = SCK. Without something like Maelstrom Weapon, sustain is lost. Instead of giving WW a passive like that, and Combo Breaker is unique to Monk, it seemed to fit.

    I liked the community's idea that Haste should affect SotW and ToD. Makes sense when thinking about Restless Blades or something more indirect like Odyn's Champion (although also indirectly affected by Crit via RB trait + Legendary's) - ToK should be thrown in there as the aforementioned passives reduce the cooldown of defensives also. Something like Lightning Reflexes but tailored to WW and Haste, with Taran Zhu's infamous quote for flavor.

    I'm not saying Rogues shouldn't have defensives, I'm saying it's rather BS for them to have defensives AND mobility when WW lost defensives FOR mobility; offensively both fit their fantasy, defensively however... Inspiration drawn from Martial Arts and Street Fighter, but specializes in multi-target combat and is more fleet footed than defensive . WW may be Ryu offensively, but defensively they're (still) Dark Souls.

    2.1 M6 DH in D3: Originally, this set caused Sentries to fire the equipped Hatred spender skills independently from the Demon Hunter. However, the developers did not like the resulting playing style (placing Sentries and running around in circles), so the set bonus has been altered in patch 2.1.2."
    ^Chi Orbit. It should've worked like Fel Barrage, but instead of attacks resetting charges Chi spent should've (b/c AA's), that way it could've been affected by Mastery and a more interactive option.

    7.3 could've had makeshift Fist Weapons from Teeth, Claws, Light Crystals, Ethereal equipment, Prismatic material, or even the requested Handwraps from the Draenei Jedi Monks with the idea that the native Broken of the planet fashioned them, or the Army of the Light using anything against their enemies even their enemies themselves, or weapons from Draenei history.

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    I REALLY don't like that the mount talks. Everytime I play my monk I disable the sound because I dont feel like hearing "We are we going today, Grandmaster?".

    Rant over.

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    I think class balance is more like a tier list rather than clear-cut winners and losers. However, if I had to choose the best/worst, Mistweaver would be the worst.

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    BM : That moment where the healer pug tells you to use mitigation on Medivh Tyrannical because you're getting destroyed by the boss casting Arcane missiles 2-3 times in a row, yet you have already used everything.

    *cry in a corner*
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