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    Just finish 8/8 gold cm on my ww monk (main rogue) and it was SO MUCH FUN! i love this class/spec. It's one of the best time i had in wow. Playing this class is really something special, defensive and offensive CD are fun and feel unique, SEF is a blast as it really fills a fun nich, 5 sec AOE stuns, and finaly omg touch of death!

    Both AOE and ST dps are super good and I really felt like I was doing somthing for the group with all that utility.

    Also know i have that super cool polearm and the mount.

    Love that class and one of my top choice for legion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coronach View Post
    I was skeptical of the WW changes, but after running through the Artifact questline, I'm a big fan. The addition of Spinning Dragon Strike into the rotation was really fun and the mastery was working for me once I took Ascension for the extra energy regen.

    I only have 1 major and 1 minor hope at this point for the spec. The major would be that Strike of the Skylord becomes a useful and impactful PvE attack and not the low damage snare it currently is. The 40 second cooldown on it feels really nicely paced with the rest of the rotation though. The minor hope would be that our fist weapon artifacts would be renamed, even if it's just to their title. I got them last night and I have no idea how to spell or say their names right now.

    Al'burq and Alra'ed are arabic for lightning and Thunder

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    The brewmaster artifact seem lovely !

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    Oh man where to start, I love my monk almost as much as my Priest. for each spec

    Wind Walker
    My least favorite spec but I love clones. Such a cool cleave DPS effect

    Self sufficient, even when tanks aren't suppose to be
    Out healing a disc priest along with everyone else
    Expel Harm healing me for 70% of my health bar
    GUARD is amazing

    Mist Weaver
    Legion changes aside, currently my favorite healer to play
    ReM -> Uplift
    Revival = Either the most useless/best CD in the game, hello boomstick healing
    Panda animations on a monk <3 especially Soothing Mist

    I love my monk

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    In a world where the skill cap is being lowered. One class is running around and picking up the pieces and tacking them onto its design like armour. Brewmasters are the last bastion of skill in a world full of "I win" buttons.

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    The Mistweaver artifact weapon is so lovely and fits the theme so well. I am so excited!

    After playing on the PTR, and after being skeptical about the Monk changes, suffice it to say I am pretty pleased with the changes to Monk healing. Passive Soothing Mists is going to take some time using but it still feels like a Mistweaver. As much as I will miss ReM+Uplift combo, I like the new abilities we have.

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    They took elusive brew and made me think about when to purify. It's hard, I love it.

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    I have reactivated my acc about a month ago, and play my monk a lot doing all sorts of random stuff (except pvp/raiding). And for that, I LOVE the toolkit of the class. Especially the mobility is awesome when farming old instances for transmog gear or mounts. Most other classes don't come even close, except druid (which is on a whole other level, again, but... can't have everything ). In addition, the heals allow to do some stuff like Spine / Valithria, which need a heal now and then. For bosses that hit too hard, we have a tankspec to reduce incoming damage. Transcendence sometimes allows to skip parts of dungeons when running out for another go. It seems like we have an answer for everything somewhere. There is sadly one exception: Ranged dmg. It seems like every other melee class has some sort of ranged ability that does at least some damage. CJL seems to be the weakest spell out there in that regard, and it sucks for fights like Mimiron P4, or the trash before Garajal.

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    been playing since 2007, wanted to leave ret since but could never find something i actually enjoyed to fill the void. randomly for fun decided to boost a MW even though i literally despise healing, and for some reason, i am absolutely head over heels in love with it. it's by far the most fun i've had in awhile, and it's a huge load off of my shoulders to know i now have something to play in legion.

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    Been a mage for years, with monk for an alt, but the Legion changes really made the monk appeal to me. I've always wanted to main a monk, but the ways of the arcane was too strong! Windwalker is a blast, feels like I'm a truck on two legs annihilating most things in my path. Mistweaving is also a lot of fun. While the changes to becoming more of a generic healer have been rather off-putting for some, I'm still having a blast weaving mists like there is no tomorrow.

    My only regret is not rolling monk sooner.

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    I wanted to love my Monk. He was to be my primary alt behind my Paladin. I thought i did love... But then i made that fateful mistake.

    I leveled my druid to 110.

    And now? My Monk does not leave his class hall.

    R.I.P you magnificent alcoholic bastard. You were great once. May you be great once more. (Once blizzard unfucks BrM maybe?)

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    What it feels like to tank as a Brewmaster.

    I love this spec's design so much. You're chugging alcohol so the hits don't hurt as much, mastery makes it so you're guaranteed to dodge every few hits since you're such an unpredictable bundle of joy bouncing around. Our tank cooldown? Just a harder grog. Smashing people in the face with a keg on a stick also never gets old.

    Blizzard really hit the class fantasy on the head for monks.
    You know what is better than drinking a beer? Brewing your own beer. And then drinking it. And then... Drinking another beer. And then, punching somebody in the snout! That's what!

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    Made a WW monk alt for funsies, found it more fun than Feral (my main), and just got Katsuo's Eclipse tonight. Wheeeeelp. <3

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    Had a restodrood basically whisper words of love to my BMonk for tanking a M+. He said I was the first monk tank he met in Legion and went on with words of love.

    His love was (imnsho) 10% due to my pulls and management, 40% due to my overgearing the M5 we were in and 50% due to how a BMonk tanks such stuff. I say at least 50% of the love I got yesterday should be placed on the BMonk and I do it happily!

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    I main a Warlock. But for a while I had been saying I wanted a level 110 Monk.
    I don't really know why I wanted one, but I just did.

    So, I transfered my Windwalker Monk over to my current realm after not having played him since MoP.
    Leveled my Panda to 110 in a day and started farming some gear.

    All I can say is: WOW.
    It's so refreshing to play something seriously fun. The way the mastery works just keeps you busy. The mobility compared to my Warlock is insane.
    I gathered a nice looking transmog for my Panda, and I am now already at ilvl 845 after just a few days of playing at 110. Even picked up my first legendary on my Monk too!
    I still have to complete the Monk campaign (2 more Order Hall missions) to unlock the 3rd relic slot.
    But what just keeps me going is that I already perform really well on my Monk. It's the though of "I wonder how well I could perform when my gear gets even better".
    Of course I still love my Warlock and I will still raid on him. But for the casual mythic and mythic+ dungeons my Monk feels amazing.

    I've fallen in love with this class.
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    I still giggle at the fact that this thread looks like its called 'sticky love thread'
    So much for being mature at the age of 34

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    Loving current m+ affixes for my BMonk. Tried them on my other tanks and boy was that a pita compared to the BMonk. Piece of cake for the drunken master of the staff.

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    Taking 4 stacks of Annihilate with a Warrior co-tank who barely pulled 100k and didn't know where his taunt button was, feels good to be a Brewmaster. Good dps for a fast kill time and excellent heals definitely helped, but surviving through those "you-should-be-dead-twice-over" moments makes me love being a drunk.

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    I initially wasn't a fan of mistweaver, but getting the new legendary to make fistweaving more viable and making that part of my rotation has been great. I now actually enjoy all 3 of the specs, rather than "enjoy, enjoy, tolerate for the sake of faster queue times and being the only healer simple enough for me to understand."

    I only started a monk in Legion and it makes me wish I had leveled one way earlier. I hesitate to say it in front of my OG rogue but I think it's my favorite class now.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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