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    40" 1080p vs 24" 1080p (TV vs Monitor) More work for GPU?

    So I am probably just not wording my search correctly. Can't find the answer on Google though I am sure its there. So figured I'd just ask in a real time forum.

    If I use a 40" LED HDTV in replacement of my 24" Monitor. I assume its just a basic ordinary monitor. Both of which are 1080p. Will my GPU work harder and preform less than on the 24"? Of course the main differences are the sheer size. 40 vs 24. But they're the same resolution. Just unsure if the size of the screen has an impact on performance.

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    I believe it does not make a difference for the gpu, the gpu just sends the 1080p picture to the "thing" that is going to give the picture, and the "thing" has to fit it on to the screen at least that's what makes sense to me, I could be wrong as I'm going off what sounds right in my head.

    One thing I will add is that what ever you are going to do on the 40" will look worse than on the 24" depending on how far away it is from your eyes even though they will both be 1080p
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    It will perform the same, just keep in mind that,

    A) At the same distance, the 40" will look awful (or at least it does to most people. Most people don't like a 27" @ 1080p... If you're sitting across the room its fine.)
    B) Most TV's that aren't specifically computer monitors have input lag. Some people dont notice it. Some do.
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